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Managing & Founding Partner: Mr Jingbo Lu (Jason)
Number of partners: 29
Number of lawyers: 137
Languages: Chinese, German, Korean, Russian, English, French, Japanese

Firm Overview:
Established in 2004, River Delta is a commercial law firm with a strong focus on providing legal services in labour law and human resources management all throughout China. The practice and theoretical study of labour and employment law has been River Delta’s main focus since its inception, therefore River Delta is the first law firm with such dedication to providing labour and employment law services in China, making it a leader in this field. Additionally, River Delta is the biggest employment law service team in China, with 166 lawyers and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Ningbo, Tianjin, Chongqing and USA Bay Area. River Delta Law Firm has built a highly professional legal team, its lawyers all have substantial experience with litigation and non-litigation labour law projects, allowing the firm to provide outstanding legal services.

- Anticorruption & Compliance
- Dispute Resolution
- Intellectual Property
- Investment & Corporate Governance
- Labour & Employment
- M&A & Liquidation

Main Areas of Practice:

providing professional and reliable services on employment issues that its clients may face. Its expertise in labour and employment law covers a broad scope of services and industries. River Delta Law Firm further differentiates itself from others by offering a ‘five in one’ model of services. Through this comprehensive service, it can accompany its client in every situation related to labour and employment, from preemptive to proactive actions.

Legal Counselling:
River Delta provides prompt and accurate legal solutions on HR and corporate management issues such as drafting and reviewing legal documents that are used in the daily practice of employees and enterprise management. Additionally, River Delta guides HR and legal professionals through important management decisions, ensuring that their actions are in accordance with the law in order to prevent potential disputes.

A specialised team of lawyers helps enterprises to settle disputes through consultation and negotiation. If the case is not settled at this stage, River Delta Law Firm represents clients in arbitration and litigation. Meanwhile, River Delta gives constructive advice to enterprises regarding the root causes of disputes to prevent similar cases in the future.

Specialised Legal Services:
River Delta Law Firm provides project-based comprehensive legal services with regard to employment issues: design and review of labour contracts, rules and regulations, recruitment, management of special categories of employees, trade unions, collective bargaining, employees’ arrangement during enterprises’ shutdown, dissolution, M&A, relocation, etc..
Larger projects may require more than an expertise in labour and employment law. For those cases that exceed the scope of employment law, River Delta’s commercial law department can work in cooperation with the labour law teams regarding intellectual property, M&A and liquidation, anticorruption and compliance and disputes.

During the last year alone, River Delta Law Firm has held over 100 events regarding employment law all over China. Overall, River Delta has provided internal training sessions for more than 700 domestic and foreignfunded enterprises.

River Delta’s lawyers in the research and information centre provide services including the interpretation of new laws and regulations, Q&A and typical case studies mainly within the scope of labour and employment. The information services ensure that clients are updated, remain aware of the newest information on labour and employment law, understand the hot and difficult legal issues and gain an insight into current judicial and legislative trends.
Various platforms are used such as HR Legal magazine, newsletter e-periodicals, the firm’s official WeChat accounts and the website