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Pittier, Almandoz y Elíaz S.C.

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Senior Partners: Emilio Pittier O., Alfredo Almandoz, José Antonio Eliaz, Juan José Figueroa
Number of partners: 6  Number of lawyers: 6

Dispute Resolution:
Alfredo Almándoz
Arbitration: José A Eliaz
Labour & Employment: Frederick Cabrera
Corporate/M&A: Emilio Pittier O.
Emilio Pittier O.
Public Law: Alfredo Almándoz
Immigration Law: Ricardo Maldonado
Maritime Law: Ricardo Maldonado

Firm Overview:
PITTIER ALMANDOZ Y ELIAZ (PAE Legal) is a firm that renders a specialised and personalised legal service, focused on the knowledge of the client’s business and understanding. The firm is committed to give secure, efficient and innovative solutions to all matters affecting its clients.

PAE Legal advises and represents clients, both at a national and international level, offering solutions that focus on setting up and maintaining favourable conditions to the client’s businesses, productivity and development. In order to achieve that, PAE Legal has always selected professionals with a high sense of responsibility and dedication to all issues and requirements of the firm and more important of the clients. The firm has always understood the importance of approaching all matters with a multidisciplinary team capable of understanding all cases from different perspectives and come up with the best or more viable solution.

Main Areas of Practice:
Dispute Resolution:
Arbitration: 5%
Labour & Employment: 10%
Corporate / M&A:
Tax: 10%
Public Law: 10%
Immigration Law: 5%
Maritime Law: 10%

Dispute Resolution:
The dispute resolution practice covers civil, corporate, commercial, labour, tax and administrative matters, both judicial and arbitration proceedings. The firm also has a well-known mediation and negotiation method to ensure and efficiently approach the client’s needs. In addition, the firm offers a dispute preventive service reviewing, analysing and amending business transactions and agreements to identify possible causes of conflict and prevent them.

Arbitration (Arbitrators):
The firm’s founding partners are experienced arbitrators accredited by the two main arbitration chambers in the country. They are active members of national and international arbitration institutions such as the Venezuelan Arbitration Association and the Spanish Arbitration Club. In addition, they are university lecturers in this field in two of the top private universities of the country.

The firm’s corporate practice includes general advice nationwide on issues related to corporate and contractual law, and to international businesses and Law Conflicts advice on business transactions, review and drafting of opinion, agreements and documents. The team also designs structures and strategies for the protection of properties, investments and business ensuring an efficient approach to the client’s needs.

The firm’s tax practice focuses on advice and planning, on tax impacting client activities and new business the clients are involved in. The firm represents clients in administrative and judicial procedures.

Labour & Employment:
The labour and employment practice develops and helps in the implementation of corporate policies for the client’s management and administration of personnel, focusing on compliance and prevention of labour risks and instructing on the day-to-day matters. The team also covers judicial and administrative labour proceedings. Within this legal practice the firm attends and develops the following subspecialities: individual labour law; collective labour law; social security law and social regimes, and labour prevention, health and safety law.

Public Law:
The firm’s public law practice focuses on the advice on contractual relationships with the State (public tenders and contracting) and Social-Economic rights protection (consumer protection). The team assists and represents clients in judicial and administrative proceedings related to expropriation and private property affectation, and consumers protection from the company’s point of view. The firm is permanently reviewing legislative projects and enforced laws analysing its implications within clients’ activities. The team also offers continuous training and workshops related to legal issues.

Maritime Law:
The department offers comprehensive maritime and port law services in Venezuela, representing several clients in this sector that include energy, oil and gas and international trade companies, including litigation, claims handling, oil spills and losses, insurance, P&I and reinsurance shipping law. The firm offers legal advice on compliance and implementation of international maritime regulations (IMO, PBIP port security plans); legal advice on contracts of carriage, charter parties and shipping legal structures; registration and flag state of all types of vessels and offshore platforms.

Immigration Services:
The department offers comprehensive immigration services / relocation for expatriates transferred to companies located in Venezuela; as well as national and non-national citizens transferred to third countries, such as Middle Eastern (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai), Asian and African countries. The team manages requests for legal documents before Venezuelan public and private entities and organisations; it is responsible for the legal study and advice on the immigration status of skilled workers to provide services in Venezuela, either for a fixed or indeterminate period of time. The attorneys are part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

International Work:
The firm has given advice and assistance to its local clients in the export and distribution of its products abroad. It also assists in the incorporation of companies abroad, as part of its planning strategies for local companies.

English, French, Spanish.

Toyota de Venezuela, C.A., Galaxy Entertainment de Venezuela (Directv), Nestlé Venezuela S.A., Pepsico Alimentos, S.C.A., Proagro Compañía Anónima (subsidiary of AGP Processing Inc.), Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA), C.A. Cervecería Regional, Shell Venezuela Productos, C.A., Unilever Andina Venezuela, S.A., La Mundial, C.A.V. de Seguros de Crédito (Group CESCE) Maritime Law Clients: Oldendorff Carriers, Skuld Germany GmbH, German Tankers Shipping, Norwegian Hull Club

Immigration Law Clients:
Newland Chase, Berry Appleman & Leiden, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, Tannus & Asociados, Strenta Family office services, Butzel Long, Consulta y Servicios Migratorios Argentina