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Managing Partner: John Z.L. Huang
Partners: Kevin Y. Qian, Leon C.G. Liu, Junda (David) Dai, Molly J.J. Qin, Jacqueline Z. Cai, James H. Jiang, Jared T. Nelson, Michelle Gon (partner of McDermott Will & Emery)

Firm Overview:
MWE China Law Offices (‘MWE China’), together with McDermott Will & Emery (‘McDermott’), offers a complete solution to global clients with interests in China. MWE China is the counsel of choice for many Fortune 500 companies within and outside China. MWE China lawyers work together with the clients to understand their business, then crafts solutions to help them meet their business needs and challenges in China and beyond.

MWE China is a China-licensed law firm and its lawyers hold China practicing certificates. Therefore, MWE China is able to represent clients in court and before the entire spectrum of regulatory authorities, issue formal legal opinions and gather evidence on their behalf. Such representation is crucial in China’s highly regulated legal environment, as even the most routine matters require approval from numerous administrative and regulatory authorities. Lawyers in international law firms in China cannot hold China practicing certificates. These firms must coordinate their China-related legal representation and contact with China’s legal, administrative and regulatory authorities with separate local law firms, creating complications for in-house counsel.

In contrast, MWE China’s strategic alliance with McDermott allows it to leverage a network of over 1,000 lawyers across its offices throughout the US, Europe, and in Seoul, South Korea. The McDermott – MWE China alliance facilitates the provision of seamless services to a global client base across a broad range of practice areas and geographic locations, without the cultural and administrative frustrations that can arise from using several firms in different jurisdictions. Among the benefits of this alliance is that it allows for collaboration throughout the McDermott network on a daily basis. MWE China’s offerings are not tied to a single location, and the firm’s infrastructure and technological connectivity allow for the quick formation of teams that can provide immediate on-the-ground service tailored to a client’s specific needs. This interconnectedness is mutually beneficial because it promotes client referrals and information sharing. In contrast to other international law firms operating in China who must practice through separate local Chinese firms, which raises significant concerns about the integrity of sensitive communications, the Mc- Dermott - MWE China alliance offers clients the maximum confidentiality protections available for attorney-client communications under China law.

MWE China has substantial experience in dealing directly with government authorities, and the firm’s wealth of experience gives its lawyers a practical understanding of the regulatory concerns and strategies of national and local government authorities. The team of highly regarded legal professionals have previously served as judges, prosecutors, and police officers, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully guide clients through each of their unique regulatory matters.

Main Areas of Practice:

Antitrust & Competition

Banking, Finance & Insurance

■ Corporate Governance & Compliance
■ Regulatory Compliance 

Data Privacy & Security

Intellectual Property

Labour & Employment

Litigation & Arbitration

Private Client



■ Capital Markets
■ Foreign Direct investment (FDI)
■ Mergers & Acquisitions
■ Private Equity & Venture Capital White-Collar
■ Anti-Corruption/FCPA
■ Government Investigations
■ Internal Investigations

■ Environmental
■ Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
■ Health
■ Information Technology
■ Manufacturing
■ Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences & Medical Products


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Robbie H. R. Chen , Jacqueline Z. Cai, Charles Q. Z. Zhao, Viola G. Y. Shen

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