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Partners: Édis Milaré, Lucas Tamer Milaré
Number of lawyers: 17

Agribusiness: Roberta Jardim de Morais
Allotments: Rita Maria Borges Franco
Audits: Rita Maria Borges Franco
Banking: Priscila Santos Artigas
Biosafety: Roberta Jardim de Morais
Construction & Engineering: Juliana Flávia Mattei
Contaminated Areas: Rita Maria Borges Franco, Roberta Jardim de Morais
Criminal Law:Édis Milaré
Cultural Heritage:Édis Milaré
Due Diligence: Dra Roberta Jardim de Morais
Energy & Mining: Priscila Santos Artigas
Forestry: Roberta Jardim de Morais
Gas: Juliana Flávia Mattei
Natural & Genetic Resources: Roberta Jardim de Morais
Real Estate: Roberta Jardim de Morais
Retail Market: Juliana Flávia Mattei
Solid Waste: Rita Maria Borges Franco
Transport & Infrastructure: Roberta Jardim de Morais

Firm Overview:
As a response to the new demands of contemporary society, Milaré Advogados began in 1996 and is now considered the pioneer law firm in Brazil dedicated solely to environmental advocacy. The firm established itself in the market because of its high expertise in providing preventive and litigation legal advice.

The firm is widely respected in environmental matters, both in word and action, in relation to judicial and administrative procedures. Milaré Advogados is a boutique law firm, exclusively focused on aspects of environmental law.

With a team of highly qualified professionals of great prestige, both in law and in environmental management, the firm’s lawyers are experts in environmental law (focusing on administrative, civil, criminal or tax), environmental heritage and biosafety, and count on the support of a qualified technical group made up of sociologists, geographers, chemists and biologists.

It is important to highlight that Milaré Advogados handles some of the most significant cases and projects related to environmental law in Brazil. The firm also has extensive experience in obtaining environmental licenses for infrastructure and forestry projects, authorisation to access genetic resources and administrative and court processes related to environmental law.

It is also important to highlight that Milaré Advogados has an important role in the doctrine of environmental law. The Law of Environment, written by Professor Milaré, is the most important book in the area and is now in its 11th edition. Another important book, coordinated by Professor Milaré, with the support of Milaré Advogados, is the first book about the new Brazilian Forestry Law (Código Florestal – Law 12.651/2012); this law established a completely new regime for the protection of forestry in Brazil, presenting important changes especially for agribusiness and also the book related to civil public action. The main publication in the field.

Main Areas of Practice:

Environmental Law: 100%

Environmental Law:
The advisory consulting and litigation provided include all matters related to environmental law; specifically in the following sectors:
■ Energy
■ Mining & Banking
■ Agribusiness
■ Real Estate
■ Natural & Genetic Resources
■ Biosafety & Forestry
■ Contaminated Areas
■ Allotments & Solid Waste
■ Transport Infrastructure & Audits
■ Gas
■ Construction & Engineering
■ Carbon & Retail Market
■ Criminal Law & Cultural Heritage

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