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Chairman: Mikhailov Oleg
Managing Partners: Aleksey Pechnikov, Alexander Bobyr, Evgeniy Masterskikh, Yuri Kheize, Alexander Vavilov, Eduard Davydov
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 27
Languages: Russian, English

Firm Overview:
Mikhailov & Partners Private Services Group is the only company in Russia that specialises in servicing wealthy clients (HNWI/UHNWI) and is the official partner of Russian banks and financial companies in providing non-banking services in the Private Banking segment. Successful partnerships with the largest financial institutions in Russia, 42 Russian banks from the TOP-100, serve as a confirmation of its expertise. Since 2017, the firm has been the partners of all the largest banks in Russia providing Private Banking services (according to Forbes Russia magazine).
The firm’s competencies:
■ Asset ownership organising
■ Inheritance
■ Matrimonial, assets and law
■ Development of emigration solutions
■ Tax services and advice
■ The history of the origin of the capital

Since 2014, Mikhailov & Partners Private Services Group has begun to cooperate with foreign banks, including 20 large European banks (Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Luxembourg). Since 2015, the firm has been ranked first among the partner companies that provide legal and tax services for the Private Banking segment (according to the independent research of Frank Research Group, ‘Private Banking in Russia 2018’). Since 2016, the three largest banks in Russia have been selling the firm’s services as part of their package offers to customers.

Today the firm expands the list of its services within the banking packages and helps the Russian banking sector to develop secondary (non-banking) product lines not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in other large cities of Russia. Successful interaction with partners throughout Russia could not help but affect the quality the company. Thus, during the ‘amnesty of capital’ in Russia in 2015–2019, M&P Private Services Group specialists have helped to prepare more than 5% of all declarations filed in Russia.

Certainly, due to changes in the international tax regulations and Russian tax legislation, tax issues currently worry the firm’s clients more than anything. But tax consulting is not the only sphere in which it specialises. The firm has excellently proven itself as experts in matrimonial and family law, in inheritance and creation of structures for owning assets not only in Russia, but all over the world.

Main Areas of Practice:
Asset Ownership Structuring
Development of Emigration Solutions
Tax Services & Advice
The History of the Origin of the Capital

Wealth Structuring:
■ Development of personal/family wealth structuring plan
■ Incorporation of companies and holding entities
■ Formation of trusts and foundations
■ Asset transfer
■ Administration of companies, trusts and foundations
■ Bank statements legal audit for the purpose of compliance with the Russian tax and currency control legislation
■ The history of the origin of the capital

Succession Planning:
■ Development of a succession plan/ roadmap
■ Will drafting, contesting wills, probate and estate administration
■ Formation of trusts and foundations
■ Asset transfer
■ Administration of companies, trusts and foundations

Family Matrimonial:
■ Drafting marriage agreements
■ Divorces and division of assets
■ Property settlements for married couples
■ Arbitration and mediation

■ Development of immigration plan for tax and residency purposes
■ Drafting and reviewing immigrations documents
■ Supervising immigration procedures

Accountants & Tax Advisers:
■ Assessment of local tax and international tax consequences of various personal/ family wealth decisions
■ Personal income tax planning, tax returns preparation and compliance
■ Legal representation on tax affairs

Evgeniy Masterskikh
Tel: +7 925 772-59-42
Email: [email protected]