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Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados

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Managing Partner: Eduardo Nobre
Founding Partners: Ricardo Tosto, Zanon de Paula Barros Andreas Klepp, Armando Mesquita Neto, Bianca Cesario, Bruna Silveira Zoghbi, Bruno Chechetti, Bruno Rodrigues, Camila Meneghin, Carlos Eduardo Marano, Carlos Fabbri D´Avila, Carlos Henrique Crosara, Carolina Martins, Charles Gruenberg, Claudio Cavalcanti, Cristiana Castro, Cristina Alckmin Lombardi, Daniel Albolea Junior, Danilo Pereira, Eduardo Nieves, Elias Alencar, Fernanda Mendes, Fernanda Rodrigues, Fillipe Lambalot, Henrique Zelante, Isaias Candido, Jorge Nemr, Layla Espeschit, Leonardo Chaib, Luciana Arduin Fonseca, Luis Fernando Riskalla, Marcela Baccan, Marcelo Muniz, Mariana Nogueira, Patricia Rios, Paulo Guilherme de Mendonça Lopes, Priscila Peresi, Priscilla Papacena, Rafael Guarilha, Renata Cabella, Renata Araujo, Rodrigo Quadrante, Rodrigo Rigo, Tatiana Lacava Doria, Thais Oliveira, Thyago Rodrigo da Cruz, Tiago Mackey, Tiago Lobão, Valeria Veríssimo, Valeria Rosa, Vitor Novo.
Number of partners: 52
Number of lawyers: 140

Firm Overview:
Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados specialises in business law, and provides comprehensive legal support to companies in a great variety of sectors. The firm also has one of Brazil’s largest dispute resolution practices, including arbitration as well as administrative and judicial litigation. It maintains a very close and interactive relationship with its clients, to ensure that its work is effective in achieving any business objectives. The firm’s headquarters are in Sao Paulo, with branch office in Brasilia. Its team of very experienced and specialised professionals hold graduate and post graduate degrees from renowned national and international universities and contribute to the evolution of law through the publication of legal articles in leading Brazilian media, as well as through lectures in conferences and seminars all over the globe.

Main Areas of Practice:
Dispute Resolution (Litigation & Arbitration):

Leite, Tosto e Barros has one of Brazil’s largest dispute resolution practices. The firm’s expertise includes civil, commercial, administrative and criminal litigation, in matters of commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, consumer law, public law, business crime, product liability, taxes and labour and employment.

Public biddings, concessions and public service awards, including related litigation and assistance with local, state and federal Congressional investigations.

Assistance and advice to financial institutions regarding Central Bank regulation; bank contracts; interventions and extra-judicial liquidations; advice on foreign capital, including planning and studies of investments in Brazil, financial transfers and return of investments; planning, structuring, constitution and registration of investment funds; litigation and administrative actions with regards to the Brazilian Central Bank and Courts. Capital markets advice and assistance with IPOs before the Securities and Exchange Commission; administrative and judicial litigation of capital market matters; preparation for the issue of security values in the national and international capital markets; investment funds, portfolios and equity operations, prospective contracts, options, and swaps; and the stock market exchange, prospective markets and over-the-counter markets.

Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Credit Recovery:
Execution of all legal and administrative measures regarding the recovery of credits, execution procedures, collection procedures, monitory actions, search and seizure, deposit, ownership reintegration, filing for bankruptcy, qualification and/or impugnation of declared credits; renegotiations and restructuring of debt, commercial agreements.

Civil & Commercial:
Contracts; real estate incorporations, purchases, sales and rentals; civil damages liability of legal entities, partners, directors; civil contractual extraordinary obligations, such as loans, deposits, mandates, insurances, guarantees, properties, ownerships, mortgages, commercial pledges and commercial representations; legal actions regarding rights protection.

Consumer Law:
Advice on consumer protection, advertising and commercial practices, and defence against liability claims and public prosecution on consumer protection grounds.

Incorporation of companies, partnerships, consortia, joint ventures and associations; preparation and negotiation of Shareholder Agreements (‘S/A’) and Quota holder Agreements (‘Ltda.’); corporate maintenance and back office support; corporate restructurings, including spin-offs, incorporation of companies and shares, dissolutions, mergers and transformation of companies; negotiation of control, transfers and sale of minority shares, as well as assistance in resolving shareholder disputes; succession and estate planning.

Criminal Law:
White-collar crime; money laundering; economic crimes (unfair competition, capital markets, consumer rights, among others); criminal violations related to public biddings; bankruptcy law; environmental laws; and extrajudicial liquidation and interventions.

International Law:
Assistance with Central Bank (BACEN) regulations on foreign capital; recovery of credits abroad; product imports and exports; business crime, transfer of technology; and international negotiations; registration of foreign investment in Brazil, remittance of dividends and capital repatriation.

Labour & Employment:
Legal advice on labour, social security and unions regulations, administrative and judicial labour litigation at all venues of the Labour Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Labour Court; advice and assistance with investigations by the Labour Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
Negotiation of contracts and due diligence; assistance with licenses and clearances from regulatory agencies.

Tax planning and advice; administrative and judicial tax litigation.

Telecommunications, Oil & Energy:
Advice and assistance with regulatory issues and agencies in the areas of telecommunications, oil and gas and electricity; contracts; and administrative and judicial litigation.