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Number of lawyers: 17

Firm Overview:
Kalliopé ambitions to offer its clients a legal service that matches their sensitivity. Therefore the firm has implemented in its DNA those values which permit us to best address its clients' needs. The firm offers its clients complementary expertises and complete services in the main fields of private and public business law. Well trained, attorneys at the firm are able to address clients’ cases in both an advisor’s capacity when assisting them in completing their projects, and a protector’s capacity to defend their interests in litigious cases. The synergies of the firm's competencies enable it to offer you innovative and cross-functional solutions. The firm deem its availability as the keystone of the organisation in order to always be as close to its clients and their cases as it can. The firm's job consists of warning its clients of the legal issues that they may be faced with and also in finding practical, efficient, concrete and adapted solutions that bring them immediate and long-lasting responses.

Main Areas of Practice:

Bank finance & Investment Funds:
Kalliopé offers a wide range of services and a great expertise in structuring, documenting and negotiating all types of financings (project finance, PPP/syndicated financing and acquisition financing (LBOs, MBOs, etc.)/asset financing/real estate financing/structured financing), and structured finance. In particular, the firm has developed well-known expertise in:
■ Project finance in the area of renewable energies (photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass), PPP financing (real estate, transportation and infrastructure sectors). In this field, Kalliopé is able to provide its clients – both public and private entities - with the necessary knowledge and mastery of project finance and public-private partnership (also PPP) of any kind, thanks to the close collaboration of its public business law, finance, M&A and real estate teams
■ Real estate investment schemes (OPCIs)
■ Kalliopé advises banks, financial institutions and companies especially in real estate and industrial sectors and is involved at all stages of their projects

Corporate Law, M&A, Capital Investment:
Kalliopé assists its clients in their mergers and acquisitions, capital investment and corporate restructuring transactions. Kalliopé gathers a team of specialised counsels whose size is tailored to the specific needs of each transaction, and follows its clients from the structuring to the completion of the project. Kalliopé's corporate law team members have sound expertise in the area of mergers and acquisitions, which enables them to successfully conduct both due diligence reports established prior to any acquisition and the fierce negotiations on the representations and warranties matters. Their extensive experience of capital investment also allows them to advise their clients at any stage of venture capital, growth capital or leveraged buy-out transactions since the signing of the investment protocol to the setting up on the management package. Kalliopé furthermore advises on corporate restructurings, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and other equity-related transactions. Finally, Kalliopé follows its clients in the day-to-day running of their business thanks to its acute expertise in the corporate law area.

Commercial Contracts:
Kalliopé assists its clients in their contractual strategy and is involved in the negotiations and drafting of all types of domestic and international contracts, distribution contracts and inter-company cooperation contracts. Kalliopé takes into account the specificities of its clients’ business areas in order to offer them contractual solutions that perfectly meet their needs. Kalliopé thus regularly follows its clients to define and draft the contracts that are needed in the ordinary course of business affairs: general terms and conditions of sales and purchase, standard-term contracts, distribution contracts (commercial agency agreements, franchise agreement, etc.), general terms and conditions of use of Internet sites, etc.

Economic Public Law/Public Contracts:
Attorneys at Kalliopé intervene in all areas of economic public law, whether as advisors or litigators. Their expertise is directed at both public and private sectors actors who are confronted to public law issues of growing complexity. The firm may advise its clients at any stage of their project’s life on public law matters, given the firm's unique project management know-how. Kalliopé has particularly proven expertise in public contracts (public markets, public service delegation contracts, licence of occupation of public lands) and of public/private partnerships (PPPs). The firm thus assists its clients to determine what contractual scheme would best serve the proposed project, to draft it and to secure its conclusion. The firm also advise its clients on matters relating to government interventionism in economic affairs, in particular on direct financing matters (subsidies, government-sponsored financial aids) as well as structural and capital stock issues (foundation of public interest groups (GIPs), equity investment by public entities, management of the mixed investment companies (SEMs), etc.). Kalliopé also advises its clients on matters related to how the applicable regulation applies to their business (renewable energies, energy, transportation, health).

Environmental Law:
Kalliopé offers a wide cross-functional array of legal services in environmental law: classified facilities, wastes, potentially polluted sites and grounds, sanitary regulations applicable to real estate assets, renewable energies, sustainable development, water, 'green acts', etc. In particular, the firm advises corporations, property developers, and local and regional authorities on the drafting and negotiation of contracts and environmental clauses (sales, purchases, leases, representations and warranties, etc.) as well as on the legal analysis of the environmental risks relating to industrial or real estate projects.
Additionally, the firm has developed a unique expertise in the management of project in order to assist its clients from the creation stage (impact assessment, filing of authorisation or declaration requests to the relevant authorities, public enquiries, etc.) to the closing down of their classified facilities: Kalliopé then assists them both in preparing the administrative filings and subsequent obtaining of administrative authorisations, and in dealing with the competent authorities, as well as in determining the strategy to be adopted in terms of information for the public and dealing with the environment protection syndicates. The firm also has developed specific expertise in ICPE (classified facility for the protection of environment)-related litigation, in particular as regards polluting facilities and crisis management situations (accidental pollution, destruction of species risks, etc.).

Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm's attorneys, loyal to the litigator tradition, represent its clients before all jurisdictions and authorities, whether judicial, administrative, professional or arbitral. They also assist their clients in alternative proceedings such as mediation and conciliation proceedings. From the start of a dispute to its judicial, arbitral or transactional resolution, the firm stands by their side to build up the most efficient strategy by using all resources at our disposal. The firm's understanding of the judicial world and the civil, commercial, administrative and criminal procedures enables us to deal with sophisticated litigious cases such as shareholders disputes, management dismissals, wrongful termination of business relations, sale of assets disputes, acts of unfair competition, seeking to individuals and legal entities’ criminal liability. Kalliopé also assist in disputes relating to real estate contracts and to the environment. In addition, the firm assists its clients with claims that are examined by the French administrative courts (in particular: urbanism, environment, procurement claims, etc.). The firm have meanwhile developed an exclusive and original line of services in debt collection, which allows corporations to outsource the dealing of their mass disputes in a very effective fashion.

Real Estate:
Kalliopé offers cross-functional competence in real estate, which combines town planning, construction, environment, investment and litigation cases. The firm advises developers, investors, real-estate corporations, funds, industrial companies, hotel groups, public entities and renewable energies providers.

Restructuring & Insolvency:
Kalliopé offers a transversal range of legal services in terms of restructuring and insolvency. It advises and assists businesses facing financial difficulties (TPE, SME, ETI or GE), their shareholders, creditors or partners as well as candidates for the takeover of assets or equity investments, within the scope of all the proceedings available under French law (Ad hoc mandate, conciliation proceedings, safeguard and accelerated safeguard proceedings, accelerated financial safeguard proceedings, judicial rehabilitation or judicial liquidation).

Data Protection Laws & Regulation:
The firms’ attorneys assist its clients regarding the implementation of the GDPR, which entered into force on May 25, 2018 to replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive on the processing of personal data inside the EU.