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Senior Partners: Marçal Justen Filho, Cesar Pereira, Fernão Justen de Oliveira, Eduardo Talamini
Junior Partners: André Guskow Cardoso, Alexandre Wagner Nester, Marçal Justen Neto, Rafael Wallbach Schwind
Number of partners: 8
Number of other lawyers: 24

Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini Advogados is a leading Brazilian law firm in the fields of infrastructure, regulated services and public procurement. It provides expert legal services to private enterprises and government entities, with a special focus on government contracts, concessions and administrative and regulatory law. The firm was created by Marçal Justen Filho in 1986. Today it has thirty-two lawyers in its three offices in Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.


■ Administrative Law
■ Arbitration and Mediation
■ Communications Regulation
■ Competition Law
■ Corporate Law
■ Energy Regulation
■ Environment Regulation
■ Government Concessions and Franchises
■ Government Contracts
■ Government
■ Litigation
■ Network Regulation
■ Oil and Gas Regulation
■ Pharmaceutical Products Regulation
■ Ports Regulation
■ Public Procurement
■ Public Services
■ Public Utilities
■ Public – Private Partnerships (PPP)
■ Rail Regulation
■ Regulated Industries
■ Regulation
■ Toll Roads Concession
■ Transportation Regulation
■ Waste Management Regulation
■ Water Supply and Sewerage Regulation

Public Law:
Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini is best known for its strong practice in public law, especially in matters such as regulation, infrastructure projects, government concessions and public-private partnerships, public procurement and government contracts, and related dispute resolution and litigation. Its team of partners and associates features an unmatched combination of specialised knowledge, experience amassed from the firm’s 30-year practice in the Brazilian public law environment and ability to handle complex dispute resolution cases nationwide. It is a primary choice in this field for international and domestic clients from the private and public sectors.

The firm’s areas of practice go beyond public law and encompass a wide range of consulting, litigation and arbitration services in the areas of business and corporate law. It regularly handles complex corporate disputes and negotiations, and it is active in advising clients in domestic and international commercial contracts.

LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Government entities, private companies or business associations for administrative or judicial disputes.


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