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Managing Partner: Dr. Diane Reinstaedler
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 19
Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Indian

Firm Overview:
Gulde & Partner, also internationally known as Berlin-Patent, advises on all aspects of intellectual property matters including patents, trademark, designs, unfair competition, licensing, know-how, copyrights and trade secrets. Acting on behalf of domestic and foreign clients, the professional services cover not only the prosecution of all kinds of IP rights, including their elaboration and registration, but also their enforcement against infringements and their defence.
Especially the litigation group of the firm expanded in recent years considerably. For instance, Gulde & Partner participated in a number of infringement and invalidity suits in the telecommunication field. Other key areas of the firm’s activity are the provision of expert opinions as part of a protective right evaluation, due diligence and the analysis of third-party rights, the drafting of license agreements and the handling of copyright and competition law cases.
With more than 20 IP lawyers and more than 60 IP staff, Gulde & Partner is large enough to cover all fields of intellectual property protection but small enough to give individual and careful attention to every case. The firm combines the professional know-how of experienced patent attorneys with the expertise of specialised attorneys-at-law and highly qualified technical consultants.

Main Areas of Practice:

Patent Prosecution:

7 partners, 23 fee earners
IP prosecution by Gulde & Partner covers all relevant technical fields. The firm’s interdisciplinary teams are able to give tailored advice on the registration of inventions and the enforcement of the ensuing rights. This will ensure the most comprehensive protection for innovations, which rank among any company’s most important assets. Long-term professional support of domestic and international companies and institutes Strong regional focus on Asia, particularly Korea, China and Japan.
Key Clients: Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Display, Volkswagen, Bosch, Coty

IP Litigation:
2 partners, 6 fee earners
The firm’s patent litigation practice expanded substantially in recent years. Especially in the telecommunication field, Gulde & Partner was able to use its expertise to support its clients during a considerable number of litigation and nullity proceedings. The patent litigation practice closely cooperates with local specialist practitioners in other jurisdictions for conducting patent litigation and anti-counterfeiting campaigns on a global scale. The firm keeps its focus on the key elements that will achieve positive results while preventing wasteful ‘no-stone-unturned’ approaches. Representation of clients in a number of litigation cases in the telecommunication area.

Trademark & Designs:
2 partners, 4 fee earners
Gulde & Partner is one of the top law firms in the category ‘Registration ratio for German trademarks’ among all German law firms. This top ranking is mainly due to the professional consultation prior to the trademark application which results in efficient trademark prosecution. Acknowledged high level of registration rate in Germany

Copyright & Unfair Competition:
2 partners, 4 fee earners based in Germany
The firm has long standing experience in copyright law and unfair competition law cases. The copyright and unfair competition law group advises in all matters arising in this area of practice.

Main Technical Fields: 

Mechanical Engineering:
Specialised attorneys: 6
Design and construction of complex tools and automatic processing units. Key Clients: Volkswagen, Bosch Rexroth, Korsch Automotive Engineering: Specialised attorneys: 6 Design, construction, and functioning of all types of vehicles and their individual components, such as motor cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, rolling stocks, and aircrafts.
Key Clients: Volkswagen, Mando

Pharmaceutics & Life Science:
Specialised attorneys: 5
Pharmaceutical agents and compositions and their manufacture, biotechnological products and processes, cosmetics.
Key Client: Coty Germany

Electrical Engineering:
Specialised attorneys: 5
Electrical components, electrical machinery, generation of energy (heavy current engineering), electronics, instrumentation and control engineering, computer technology and computer engineering (weak current engineering).
Key Clients: Samsung SDI, Bosch, Samsung Electronics

IT, Telecommunication:
Specialised attorneys: 7
Displays, Transmission of information, protocols, networks and communication media, packet switched data services (e.g. VoIP, VOD, video conferences), circuit-switched data services (e.g. conventional telephony).
Key Clients: Samsung Display, Samsung

Electronics Medical Engineering:
Specialised attorneys: 6
Instruments, apparatuses, products, technical processes, software, and materials for diagnostic and/ or therapeutic purposes.
Key Clients: Biotronik, Human Med AG, Samsung Electronics

New Materials:
Specialised attorneys: 6
Organic and inorganic polymers, technical glasses and ceramics, metallic light construction materials, textiles, materials for polymer electronics, crystalline materials, composite materials, and their manufacture.
Key Clients: Mitsui DuPont, Japan Super Quartz

International Work:
Gulde & Partner has a strong international background, with a special focus on Asia. Among its clients are global players from Korea, Japan, China, Germany and USA. The firm has an established contact office for Chinese clients in Beijing, China. In addition, Gulde & Partner established a Japan office in Yokohama headed by a former Japanese patent examiner and Japanese patent attorney. Also, the firm maintains a Korean desk led by a Korean patent attorney located at the head office in Berlin.