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Greenille by Laga

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Managing Partner: Danny Stas (Laga)
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 21
Languages: Dutch, English, French

Firm Overview:
Founded in 2003 as a private client boutique law firm, Greenille merged in 2014 into Laga, one of the largest full-service Belgian law firms, having a privileged and MDM access to the global Deloitte (Private) network.

Established in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Kortrijk, Greenille by Laga is serving high-networth individuals and families with ties to Belgium.

A dedicated team of civil and tax lawyers, mediation, negotiation and litigation experts and organisational psychologists serves clients in all aspects of legal, tax and interpersonal issues of family, wealth and family business. Big picture awareness and a unique all-in approach enable Greenille by Laga to help in building bridges between these dimensions and in ensuring a balance across generations, creating family harmony.

Relying upon outstanding knowledge and (academic) expertise, Greenille by Laga is also well-placed to advise client’s family offices, their international advisers and investment and private bankers when facing complex and high-value issues.

Main Areas of Practice:
Charitable Giving
Conflict Handling
Family Business
Family Dynamics & Governance
Family & Family Property
Inheritance, Gift & Wealth Tax
International Estate Planning
International Tax Planning
International Income Tax
Private Art Collections
Private International Law
Private Real Estate
Trust & Estates
Voluntary Tax Disclosure
Wealth Planning
Wealth Structuring

Wealth Structuring & Advisory:
Greenille by Laga assists its clients in protecting, structuring and planning their wealth, very often in a cross-border context. Greenille by Laga offers robust estate and tax planning solutions, ranging from advising on immigration and emigration, structuring and transferring financial or business assets, assisting with the acquisition and financing of private real estate, drafting pre- or postnuptial agreements, gift deeds and wills, structuring private art collections and charitable giving to advising on adoption or guardianship.
Contacts: Mathieu Ex, Alain Laurent Verbeke, Bart Verdickt, Caroline Costermans
Tel: +32 2 738 0650
Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Conflict Handling:
Greenille by Laga defends its clients' interests in conflict handling, both in and outside the courtroom, by engaging its mediation, negotiation, collaborative law and litigation skills. Greenille by Laga's conflict handling practice covers divorce (including post-divorce maintenance obligations and parental responsibility), liquidation and settlement of complex estates after divorce or as a result of inheritance, family business successions, and shareholders', inheritance and gift tax disputes.
Contacts: Alain Laurent Verbeke, Frederik Swennen, Patrizia Macaluso
Tel: +32 2 738 0650
Email: [email protected], [email protected] be, [email protected]

Family Dynamics:
Greenille by Laga assists entrepreneurial families in navigating the challenges and complexities of family enterprise governance, succession planning and next generation engagement. Understanding the specificity of family dynamics, Greenille by Laga assists families in articulating shared values, enhancing open communication, agreeing upon good governance rules and ultimately strengthening family unity across generations. Greenille by Laga's services include a.o. the drafting of family constitutions and family mission statements and setting up and facilitating family boards and family retreats.
Contact: Alain Laurent Verbeke, Katalien Bollen 
Tel: +32 2 738 0650
Email: [email protected], [email protected]