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Managing Partners: M.M. Kaajan and F. Onrust
Number of partners: 3
Number of lawyers: 3
Languages: Dutch, English

As only boutique firm of its kind in the Netherlands, ENVIR Advocaten exclusively focuses on providing its clients with public law advice and support. Based in Amsterdam, ENVIR Advocaten was founded in 2014 by managing partners Marieke Kaajan and Fleur Onrust. The firm continues to grow and has recently added Iris Kieft as a partner. ENVIR Advocaten is recognised in the field as the specialist in environmental law, including nature conservation and zoning and planning. ENVIR Advocaten also handles general administrative law matters such as administrative enforcement and subsidies and supports corporate law firms on public law questions in M&A and real estate transactions. Its client base mainly consists of companies and government bodies active in the following sectors: industry, energy (including renewables), real estate, aviation, education, health care, and infrastructure.

Main Areas of Practice:
Planning & Environment
Public Law
Energy & Natural Resources
Climate Change
Real Estate
Leisure & Hospitality

Public Law - Planning & Environment:
■Representation of a large industrial site in the Netherlands in obtaining a Nature Conservation Act permit required for industrial activities Partner: Marieke Kaajan
■Representation of three municipalities in obtaining and defending in court a protected species exemption pursuant to the Dutch Nature Conservation Act and the Birds Directive to be able to take measures for research purposes against severe nuisance of gulls on their municipal territory Partner: Fleur Onrust
■Advising a large Dutch chemical company on various EHS matters, including permitting, enforcement and environmental legacy issues Partner: Iris Kieft

Public Law:
■Representation of an industrial company in its negations with a Dutch port authority in relation to the construction of an industrial railroad track in the close proximity of the company Partner: Marieke Kaajan
■Representation of a large Dutch municipality in administrative law matters and legal proceedings Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Fleur Onrust
■Representation of a real estate development company in several legal proceedings on administrative law enforcement to be able to develop a large industrial estate in the port area that is occupied with squatters Partner: Fleur Onrust
■Representation of a Dutch port in a damages claim against the Dutch government in relation to the designation of part of the port as Natura 2000 protected area Partner: Iris Kieft

Public Law - Transactional:
■Representation of various industrials and developers on public law aspects of M&A and real estate transactions and financing, most commonly in close cooperation with M&A boutique firms Partners: Fleur Onrust, Iris Kieft, Marieke Kaajan
■Advising on the permits and environmental aspects of the sale of an international transportation company specialised in domestic and international transport of hazardous (ADR) and non-hazardous bulk liquids Partner: Fleur Onrust
■Representation of an investor in the acquisition of shares in an offshore wind park Partner: Iris Kieft Energy & Natural Resources: ■Supporting various corporate boutique firms in energy related matters with advice on permits and SDE+ subsidies for renewable projects (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production) Partners: Fleur Onrust, Marieke Kaajan
■Representation of a developer in obtaining and defending in court all permits necessary for building and operating a large power plant Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Fleur Onrust
■Representation of a Dutch electricity transmission system operator in relation to comprehensive electricity transmission projects, such as the connection of the offshore grid to the transmission grid and an onshore inter-connector connecting the Dutch and German transmission grids Partner: Iris Kieft

Climate Change:
■Representation of various developers of onshore wind farms in the Netherlands, such as the developers of 300-400 MW wind farm Wieringermeer, one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands, successfully defending the development before the Dutch administrative high court against more than 50 appeals Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Fleur Onrust 
■Advising Dutch offshore wind parks on administrative law aspects of the tender legislation for offshore wind parks, and the related SDE subsidy, as well as on requests for disclosure of information pursuant to the Public Access Act Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Iris Kieft 
■ Advising various developers of solar projects on planning, permits and SDE subsidy matters Partner: Marieke Kaajan
■Representation of large Dutch and international industrials in legal proceedings before the Dutch Council of State and the European Court of Justice against the Dutch implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Partner: Iris Kieft Real Estate: 
■Supporting a regional wholesale market in food on public law aspects of the redevelopment of its location in Amsterdam Partner: Marieke Kaajan
■Advising on the permits and environmental aspects in the largest single-asset transaction in the Netherlands regarding an office building complex at the Amsterdam financial district Partner: Fleur Onrust
■Representation of large Dutch and international retailers on establishing distribution centers and stores in the Netherlands Partner: Iris Kieft

Leisure & Hospitality:
■Supporting a holiday park on environmental law aspects of the expansion of its park Partner: Marieke Kaajan
■Advising an international food delivery service in the Netherlands on the required permits for a new business venture Partner: Fleur Onrust ■Representation of a large international restaurant chain in relation to the relocation of one of their restaurants Partner: Iris Kieft

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