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Managing Partners: Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão, José Rollemberg Leite Neto, Luiz Felipe Bulus Alves Ferreira, Rannery Lincoln Gonçalves Pereira
Senior Partners: Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão, Bruno Beserra Mota, Edson Queiroz Barcelos Junior, Eliseu Klein, Helena de Oliveira Pinheiro, José Rollemberg Leite Neto, Luiz Felipe Bulus Alves Ferreira, Lucas Rabêlo Campos, Maria Eduarda Praxedes Silva, Myller Kairo Coelho de Mesquita, Rannery Lincoln Gonçalves Pereira, Thiago Peleja Vizeu Lima, Vanessa Alves Pereira Barbosa, Ottomar Zilles
Number of partners: 14
Number of other lawyers: 14

Firm Overview:
Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão Associated Lawyers was founded on the professional experience of its original partners, with the firm intention to face challenges presented by an increasingly competitive, demanding, and sophisticated market. The firm focuses on the constant search for legal solutions, considering peculiarities, the business, culture and client’s targets when providing its legal services. Awareness of such condition has framed the company’s profile, besides becoming the mainspring of all of its movements and strategies inspiration. Through solid and innovative results, serious and correct risks assessment, based on long and deep experience in all the areas of law, the firm has prioritised practice at Superior Courts. The company complies with the most modern standards in business. Work processes are smart and constantly optimised taking changes in conjuncture into account. The many sectors interrelate, making systemic view evident and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness to developed works. By continuously stating this proposal, Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão Associated Lawyers has continuously invested in training its professionals, in technology and management of information and knowledge. Summing up all these aspects outcomes quality excellence on developed work, always taking their main target into account: the client’s satisfaction In recognition, the firm was highlighted by Chambers Latin America 2019 publication.

Main Areas of Practice:
The lawyers form a multidisciplinary team, trained in diverse fields of law — both private and public — distinguishing for their technical expertise in matters of constitutional, administrative, tax, criminal, electoral, civil and regulatory nature. The firm intensively operates both in preventing binding obligations and in actually solving disputes, always aiming at preserving their clients’ interests, their assets and motivating the business’ expansion, enabling fast and secure decision taking. Mainly operation at High Courts, Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão is responsible for conducting numerous lawsuits at the Supreme Court and Supreme Court of Justice, the highest courts in the Brazil Justice system. The range of matters is wide, encompassing demands related to controversies on civil and commercial contracts, corporate and tax problems, pension plans, criminal matters, administrative corruption, real estate issues, port issues, environmental responsibility and litigations related do public and banking law. Service goes beyond the judiciary, overrunning the executive and legislative branches, including councils, departments and agencies related to them. Emphasis is also given to the firm’s practice at the Federal Accounting Court. Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão Associated Lawyers is aware that modern social and economic contexts demand solutions from law firms in the most diverse fields of law, taking into account principles of extreme earnestness, fast implementation, time adherence and adaptability to new scenarios, among other things.

Legal representatives of clients, both individuals and legal entities, located in Brazil or abroad, in the most diverse kinds of disputes, either in court, through arbitration or other alternative ways of dispute resolution.

Advisory to individuals and legal entities, either individual or international, in interpreting and applying federal, state and municipal tax legislation. Operation in all levels, in administrative and judicial litigation fields.

The firm's human resources professionals are highly trained. Graduated in renowned institutions and with constant specialisation courses, they show high intellectual and cultural level. Lawyers, trainees and staff are constantly involved in professional updating.

International Work:
The firm has had many cases abroad related to international cooperation, having partnership with other law firms in the United States and in Switzerland.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish.

National and multinational companies, operating in the energy, telecommunications, heavy construction, food, beverage, tobacco, financial market, infrastructure, technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Banking & Finance: Rannery Lincoln Gonçalves Pereira
Constitutional: José Rollemberg Leite Neto
Electoral: José Rollemberg Leite Neto
Tributary: Luiz Felipe Bulus Alves Ferreira
Mergers & Acquisitions: Rannery Lincoln Gonçalves Pereira
Regulatory: Bruno Beserra Mota, Maria Eduarda Praxedes Silva and Helena de Oliveira Pinheiro
Commercial Contracts: Luiz Felipe Bulus Alves Ferreira
Telecommunications: Vanessa Alves Pereira Barbosa
Capital Market: Edson Queiroz Barcelos Junior
Infrastructure: Myller Kairo Coelho de Mesquita
Criminal Enterprise: Eduardo Antônio Lucho Ferrão
Digital Law: Bruno Beserra Mota and José Rollemberg Leite Neto
Administrative Law: Thiago Peleja Vizeu Lima, Eliseu Klein and Lucas Rabêlo Campos.


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