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Managing Partner: Jesus Alejandro Loreto C
Senior Partners: Romulo Pacheco, Maria Delina Sanchez, Javier Rojas, Raquel Matute
Number of other lawyers: 24

Firm Overview:
Juan Martin Echeverria founded the firm in 1982 and Jesús Alejandro Loreto currently manages it. The firm is completely dedicated to criminal law matters, and its main focus is white-collar crime. The firm offers advice on prevention and safety issues depending on the profile and exposure of its clientele. Members of the firm have vast experience in high profile criminal defense cases, acting on behalf of large corporations, its shareholders, representatives and/or its employees. Senior members of the firm are highly demanded with regard to their knowledge and advise in cases that involve seizure of large corporate assets and securities. Moreover, the firm is sought after for its successful work on wrongful detention cases and criminal prosecution of prominent individuals and international corporations. The firm has a pull of 24 lawyers distributed in four offices located in four different cities Caracas, Valencia, Barquisimeto and Maracaibo.

Areas of Practice:
Criminal Law: - (Corporate Crimes, White Collar):

Main Areas of Practice:
White-Collar Crime:
The firm is mostly dedicated to offering its services with regard to issues that involve non-violent crimes. Members of the firm are constantly dealing with matters related to commercial fraud, consumers rights, intellectual property, swindles, inside trading, cyber crime, embezzlement and all forms of dishonest business schemes.

The firm provides legal advice and representation with regard to criminal procedures initiated by government regulators, and other law enforcement agencies and it focuses on procedures that represent significant economic distress.

International Work:
Senior members of the firm are seek after as expert witnesses with regard to issues like insurance fraud, arbitrary seizure of corporate assets, vessels and airplanes, money laundering and insider trading, amongst others. Jesus Alejandro Loreto has acted as expert in large litigations in the UK, USA and Dominican Republic and has represented clients at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (San José, Costa Rica).

Spanish, English.

■ Multinationals:
■ General Motors
■ Nestle
■ Heinz
■ Pepsico
■ Colgate-Palmolive
■ MercadoLibre

Local Companies:
■ Empresas Polar
■ Corporación Digitel Bank

Institutions (locals and abroad):
■ Citibank
■ Banco Mercantil

■ British Embassy
■ Canadian Embassy
■ British Council