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Managing Partner: Eduardo Secchi Munhoz
Senior Partner: Eduardo Secchi Munhoz
Number of partners: 11
Number of other lawyers: 7

Firm Overview:
E.Munhoz Advogados is a law firm focused on litigation (in-court disputes and arbitration), corporate restructuring and corporate law. It is not aimed to be a full service firm, but rather it prioritises complex and strategic cases of its clients. The number of cases in which the firm is engaged is limited, in order to provide clients with the attention and care that high-profile cases demand. E.Munhoz privileges quality rather than quantity. The firm is composed of a talented and business oriented team of lawyers. The firm’s diverse professional experience and solid academic backgrounds enable the firm to make actual difference in the cases it is engaged in. In addition, each case involves lawyers of different areas of practice and backgrounds. This multidisciplinary approach and the talent of the lawyers assure the firm’s capacity to provide creative and innovative solutions to its clients. In fact, the firm’s clients frequently credit founding partner Eduardo Munhoz’s innovative approach as one of his strongest characteristics. The founding partner Eduardo Munhoz has 22 years of experience as a lawyer. In addition, he is also a professor at the Law School of the University of São Paulo, the most prestigious school of law in Brazil, and has published numerous books and articles in the fields of corporate law and corporate restructuring.

Main Areas of Practice:
Restructuring & Insolvency:
Legal advice to creditors, debtors and investors in complex and large scale restructuring cases in and out of court. E.Munhoz lawyers have assisted domestic and foreign clients in strategic decisions in a variety of matters related to restructurings (in court and out-ofcourt) or bankruptcies, including the negotiation and drafting of restructuring plans, the negotiation of debt financing and collaterals, the structuring and implementation of corporate transactions and the representation in court measures. Some of the most significant in court and out-of-court restructuring cases in Brazil in the past years have had the crucial engagement of the lawyers of E.Munhoz, including Restoque, ODB Group, Atvos Group, Constellation Group, Concessionária Rodovias do Tietê, EAS Group, Odebrecht Oil and Gas, Oi Group, PDG Group, Renova Energia S.A. and OAS Group.

Corporate & M&A:
Legal advice and expert opinions in highly sophisticated corporate matters with a knowledgeable understanding of the Brazilian practice and law. The E.Munhoz team also has experience in handling complex and demanding M&A transactions.

Litigation & Arbitration:

Representation of clients in disputes derived from shareholding or corporate structures, as well as from complex business transactions. The team is prepared to advise domestic and foreign clients throughout the entire dispute, since the early stages until the enforcement of final awards by courts and arbitration tribunals. Munhoz and other professionals of E.Munhoz have taken part in some of the most significant corporate arbitration cases involving Brazilian entities, such as J&F Investimentos, JBS, Odebrecht, Neoenergia, Camargo Corrêa Investimentos, BTG Pactual, Associação dos Fabricantes Brasileiros de Coca-Cola. In all and each one of them, Eduardo Munhoz and his team have been crucial in building a creative and successful outcome.

International Work:

For the past years, the E.Munhoz team has been involved in the most significant restructuring cases in Brazil with cross border developments, and has played active roles in defining key matters of cross-border insolvency in a jurisdiction where the bankruptcy law does not address them up to this date. Some of the works in this field include the judicial restructurings of OAS Group, OGX Group, OSX Group and the Oi Group. Also, in all areas of practice, the E.Munhoz team has advised several foreign clients and provided legal counselling in international standards.

Languages:English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.