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Managing Partners: Louis de Gaulle, Henri-Nicolas Fleurance
Partners: Jean-Christophe Amy, Matthieu Barthélemy, Matthieu Bichon, Philippe Blaquier Cirelli, Catherine Castro, François Couhadon, Georgie Courtois, Julien de Michele, Myriam Delawari-de Gaudusson, Frédéric Destal, Pascale Farey Da Rin, Blandine Fauran, Henri-Nicolas Fleurance, Nathalie Garnier, Louis de Gaulle, Thierry Gillot, Muriel Guillin-Modaine, Julien Horn, May Jarjour, Jean-Marie Job, Rhadamès Killy, Gilbert Ladreyt, Anne-Hélène Le Troquer, Francine Le Pechon-Joubert, Serge Lederman, Agnès Macaire, Jean-Sébastien Mariez, Philippe Moncorps, Mireille Mull-Jochem, Samantha Nataf, Jean-François Paque, Sylvie Perrin, Charles-Edouard Renault, Jean-Baptiste Santelli, Vincent Schmitt, Danielle Smolders, Anker Sorensen, Sandra Strittmatter, Jonathan Souffir, Cécile Theard-Jallu, Thierry Titone, Gaïa Witz
Number of partners: 42 Number of lawyers: 120+
Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Russian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Since 2001, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés has built a strong reputation within the French and international market and is recognised as one of the leading and pioneering independent French law firms. The firm, divided into two divisions (corporate structure and corporate operations), addresses the two principal needs of businesses — capital structures and business operations — and is perfectly adapted to the way businesses are structured. The dynamic and flexible team management is reflected by the absence of departments, a crosspractice approach and project based team functioning. This allows the firm to use its best talents and skill synergies to their full potential, creating a single vision of the various aspects of legal cases and to be reactive and effectively organise participation in larger scale projects.
With a systematically chosen and tested network of ‘good friends’ in countries worldwide, as well as its Brussels subsidiary, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés represents a gateway to Europe for its French and international clients, under the motto ‘Let’s do #BusinessLawTogether!’

Main Areas of Practice: 

Administrative & Public Law
Banking & Finance
Capital Investment
Capital Markets
Health & Life Sciences
Insolvency & Restructuring
Information Technology
Intellectual Property
Labour & Employment
Litigation & Arbitration
Media & Entertainment
Private Equity
Project Finance
Public Procurement & Regulatory Matters
Real Estate
White-Collar Crime

Administrative & Public Law:
The French economy is characterised by strong interventionism by the State, local government and State bodies and corporations. This is why De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés has always considered it indispensable to accompany its clients, as advisor or litigator, in all issues they face involving administrative law, in their dealings with local and governmental authorities and in interpreting specific rules.

Banking & Finance:
De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés advises its clients on capital investment transactions such as LBOs, LMBOs, acquisition of minority interests and creations of investment funds. Clients are assisted at all stages of the investment project: project structuring and definition of financing tools, preparing and negotiating all related documentation, including investment protocols, shareholders’ agreements, bond contracts, issues of complex securities and incentive instruments. De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés intervenes in Islamic finance and markets.

Commercial, Competition, Distribution, EU:
The firm assists its clients in setting up their commercial, sourcing, protection and defence policy in respect of all aspects of commercial, competition and EU law. De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés is active in many business sectors such as the food, pharmaceutical, information technology, tourism, leisure, media and entertainment, real estate and service industries (communication consultancy and advertising).

The firm counsels and represents its clients in all of their restructuring and top of the balance sheet deals, disposals and/or direct acquisitions, acquisitions via increases in share capital, mergers, partial business transfers, issuances of complex securities, joint ventures and takeover bids. The firm’s approach to this type of work is efficient and multidisciplinary. The firm performs a wide range of work including legal and tax due diligences, studying and defining the acquisition or restructuring plan by identifying all of the transaction steps and related costs, drafting of contracts and related documentation: purchase and sale agreements, merger agreements, partial business transfer agreements, joint venture agreements, investment agreements, warranty agreements, shareholders’ agreements, sui generis agreements, negotiating and analysis of contracts, preparation of studies and legal opinions.

The firm is consulted on the regulatory, structuring, financing and negotiation aspects of its renewable energy projects. It works on infrastructure projects of all sizes for a wide array of players such as banks, investments funds, developers, installers, promoters and suppliers.

Health & Life Sciences:
The firm advises and litigates in all areas of health law, with respect to national and EU regulations. The firm has a wide spectrum of clients including French and foreign pharmaceutical laboratories, firms manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, as well as service firms operating in the health industry.

Insolvency & Restructuring:
The firm assists clients in purchasing companies in distress and acts on a large range of restructuring matters requiring tax, financial and accounting know-how, as well as international capacity. The services include litigation. Insurance: The firm advises insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries on commercial partnerships, on forming distribution networks, purchasing or selling portfolios and transactions to divest from non target assets.

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés assists its clients in setting up the protection, exploitation and defence policy for their IP assets and on this basis act as both advisor and litigator. The firm is active in all areas of IP, IT and related fields. It operates in a broad range of industries: IT, commerce, motion picture, television, photography, music, leisure and entertainment (themes parks, casinos, hotel complexes), print media, advertising and event promotion, pharmaceutical laboratories, sport (partnerships, events, athletes’ rights).

Labour & Employment:
Hiring, promotions, training, transfers and dismissals are decisions businesses face daily. At each step in the process, employers need to strike a balance between their legitimate business interests and those of their employees, while complying with the sometimes complex, fast changing rules of French labour and employment law.

Litigation, White-Collar Crime & Arbitration:
De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés is well known for its litigation work with a strong and experienced team engaging in all forms of litigation.

Taxation & Estate Planning:
The firm covers various aspects of French and international tax law (top and bottom of the balance sheet transactions) and routinely represent clients in national and international deal structuring involving foreign tax law issues, notably with the use of an international network of tax experts.

Real Estate:
The firm has acquired significant expertise in the disposal, acquisition, restructuring and refinancing of real estate portfolios covering properties for office, commercial, mixed or residential use.