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Managing Partners: Peter Dirk Siemsen, Luiz Henrique O. do Amaral, Raul Hey, Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Peter Eduardo Siemsen, Joaquim Eugênio Goulart, Attilio Gorini
Senior Partner: Luiz Henrique O. do Amaral
Number of partners: 61
Number of other lawyers: 280

Filipe Fonteles Cabral
Anti-Counterfeiting: José Henrique Werner
Biotechnology: Luiz Henrique O do Amaral, Gustavo de Freitas Morais
Civil Litigation: Joaquim Eugenio Goulart, Rodrigo Rocha de Souza
Competition: Luciana Gonçalves Bassani
Consumer Law: Luiz Henrique O do Amaral, Catarina Costa
Contract Law: Cândida Ribeiro Caffé, Carlos Eduardo Eliziário, Luciana Gonçalves Bassani
Copyright: Attilio Gorini, Alvaro Loureiro Oliveira, Rodrigo Borges Carneiro
Corporate: Cândida Ribeiro Caffé, Carlos Eduardo Eliziário, Luciana Gonçalves Bassani
Criminal Litigation: José Henrique Werner
Domain Names: Peter Eduardo Siemsen
Entertainment: Attilio Gorini, Rodrigo Borges Carneiro
Environmental: Andrea de Menezes Carrasco
Franchising & Licensing: Luiz Henrique Oliveira do Amaral
Health: Gustavo de Freitas Morais
Mergers & Acquisitions: Luciana Gonçalves Bassani
Patents: Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Joaquim Eugenio Goulart
Private Health Care Regulations: Marcelo Leite da Silva Mazzola
Real Estate: Rodrigo Rocha de Souza
Sports: Peter Eduardo Siemsen, Gustavo de Piva Andrade
Tax: Cândida Ribeiro Caffé, Carlos Eduardo Eliziário, Luciana Gonçalves Bassani
Trademark: Luiz Henrique O do Amaral, Peter Eduardo Siemsen
Transfer of Technology: Luiz Henrique O do Amaral, Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Cândida Ribeiro Caffé, Carlos Eduardo Eliziário

Firm Overview:
Practicing law since 2000, Dannemann Siemsen currently has 61 partners, 21 associates and 280 lawyers in its professional staff. The firm represents companies from a wide range of industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, insurance, telecommunications, electrical and electronic, amongst others and operates in a number of other areas of law, such as: copyright, biotechnological, civil, commercial, international trade, antitrust, commercial contracts, sport, corporate, criminal and internet and e-commerce.

Main Areas of Practice:

Intellectual Property:
Dannemann Siemsen Advogados inherited the solid reputation of Dannemann, Siemsen, Bigler & Ipanema Moreira. The role carried out by partners of the firm during discussions surrounding the updating of the Brazilian Industrial Law in 1996 stands out. Along with the law firm, the intellectual property core was formed which serves national and transnational customers with broad experience in the food, automotive, entertainment, pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical industries.

Franchising & Licensing:
With the biggest franchising legal group in Brazil, Dannemann has qualified professionals to render all legal aspects of franchising, such as FDD and formatting and especially for the recordation of international franchises at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and the Central Bank.

Consumer Law:
Preventive services for businesses in consumer relations and defend companies before PROCON and other consumer protection bodies, at Special and Civil Courts and against mass litigation.


Services of licensing agreements and acquisition of technological knowledge. Analysis of contracts for artistic and cinematographic production, distribution, commercial representation, computer programs, cost-sharing, technology transfer, purchasing, leasing, technical assistance, research and development, joint ventures and commercial contracts in general.

Transactions with medium-sized companies with IP assets, whether closed capital corporations, limited liability companies or family businesses.

Regulatory Law:
Experience in health legislation for drugs, health, cosmetics, food, and sanitising products, amongst others. Lawyers also provide consultancy services for advertising and marketing activities for products which are subject to sanitary surveillance both at administrative and judicial levels.

Entertainment & Media:
Clearance of trademark, corporate names, personality rights, copyrights and other rights. Drafting, revision and negotiation of option, co-production and distribution agreements, content license agreements, life story rights agreements, above and below-the-line agreements. High-profile litigation in the civil, criminal and labour courts. Anti-piracy programs etc.

Civil & Criminal Litigation:
Representation of clients in all business litigation in federal and state courts throughout Brazil, directly from the firm’s offices or via a network of associated litigation firms.

Agrochemical & GMOs:
The firm’s clients range from pesticides / herbicides industries to companies related to biotech, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, mechanical devices and veterinary products.

Regulatory Law:
Health legislation for drugs, health products, cosmetics, food, and sanitising products, amongst others. The firm provides consultancy services for advertising and marketing activities for products which are subject to sanitary surveillance both at administrative and judicial levels.

The IP enforcement practice group includes the ability to bring administration border actions and criminal seizures. The consumer goods industry is an example which frequently requires the firm’s consulting services. It represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of clothing, protecting their portfolio and preventing it from being misused by others.

Other Practice Areas:
Health law, unfair competition, software protection, geographical indications, industrial design, information technology, labour, protection of trade secrets and confidential information, traditional knowledge.

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.