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Managing Partners: Peter Dirk Siemsen, Luiz Henrique O. do Amaral, Raul Hey, Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Peter Eduardo Siemsen, Joaquim Eugênio Goulart, Attilio Gorini
Senior Partner: Luiz Henrique O. do Amaral
Number of partners: 72
Number of other lawyers: 280

Intellectual Property:

Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design, Copyright, Entertainment, Software, Trade Secrets
Strategic Litigation:
Intellectual Property, Civil and Business, Arbitration, Criminal, Mediation
Consumer Relations:
Advisory, Judicial Litigation, Administrative Litigation, Business Prevention
Intellectual Property Agreements, Commercial Agreements, Franchises
Other Areas:
Digital Law, Privacy and Data Protection, Advertising Law, Regulatory Law, Environmental Law, Public and Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Consumer Law, Compliance and Internal Investigations, Evaluation of Intangible Assets, Labour Law, Business Formatting

Firm Overview:
Recognised as leaders in intellectual property in Latin America, Dannemann Siemsen is a team of experts that has been dedicated to defending industrial and intellectual property since 1900. The firm operates throughout the world, encompassing first-rate civil and criminal advocacy, covering diverse areas of law and all industry segments of large national and international companies. Today the firm has offices in three Brazilian state capitals and has gathered a team of practitioners with expert knowledge of intellectual property, litigation, contracts and other areas of law. This allows the firm to advise clients in the main legal proceedings, making it a strategic partner in the pursuit of innovation and knowledge. The firm has an extensive team of industrial property agents – an experienced and specialised technical team that is kept up-to-date with the transformations and demands of the market. In a dynamic world where knowledge is essential for any company to stand out in the market, Dannemann Siemsen believes in the value of human capital and in creativity as a source of innovation. With more than a century of experience and a wide range of services, the firm is proud to be the foundation for clients to seek innovative and pioneering paths.

Main Areas of Practice:

Intellectual Property:
With a team of professionals recognised nationally and internationally, the firm is a reference point in IP law for offering a first-rate service in patent filings, trademark registrations, design protection, copyright, trade secrets and in the entire process of software registration.
The firm's experience allows it to develop the most comprehensive strategies in the protection of patents, from the first application to opposition after granting, ensuring the best legal backing supported by a multidisciplinary team of electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical and telecommunications engineers, pharmacists and biologists, among others.
Through the sector dedicated to the protection of trademarks, the firm also advises clients from searches to appeals, with a strategic thinking for trademark portfolio management and supervision structures, including on digital media, with constant monitoring of the changes in INPI's internal regulations and administrative decisions.

Strategic Litigation:
Dannemann Siemsen is a heavyweight litigation firm, representing multinational and national companies and individuals in all fields of industry. It has a large and multidisciplinary team of partners and attorneys, with long and valuable experience before all levels of the Brazilian courts and public agencies. The team of young and talented lawyers also build up a modern view to work hard in disruptive cases. The firm's rate of success is extremely high from the most simple case, to complex matters, not only in court actions, but also in alternative dispute resolutions (mostly arbitrations and mediations), class actions, regulatory and administrative proceedings. To highlight some of the dedicated teams the firm can mention its strong intellectual property group of litigators and technicians, working side by side in the most important IP leading cases in the country. The firm developed exclusive teams handling with contractual, franchise, real-state, corporate, consumer protection law, telecom, civil law, environmental law and tax litigations. The major differential of its professionals are availability, adaptability, quality and focus on each client, in order to provide the best counselling and to reach the most favorable results.

Consumer Relations:
This consumer relations area arose from a growing demand from companies for an intelligent management and structured handling of mass litigation. The firm starts from a strategic vision of prevention in consumer relations and mediation between companies and consumers, with a focus on the preservation of the image and brand of clients with their public. In tune with the main innovations in this sector, the firm offers a differentiated service for clients, with the automation of lawsuits and the capture of demand in the distribution and flow of administrative control in the consultative, judicial litigation, administrative litigation and business prevention areas.


The firm is a reference point in the area of licensing agreements for intellectual property, the purchasing of technological knowledge and franchises, which need to be annotated at INPI to allow the remittance of remuneration to the foreign party, qualify the licensee for tax deduction of the amounts paid and produce effects for third parties. The firm's lawyers assist the client from the start of negotiations, preparation and/or analysis of the agreement, until the actual execution, evaluating all aspects of the negotiation until all the necessary governmental authorisations.

Other Practice Areas:
The firm also has specialised teams to advise clients on the areas of digital law, privacy and data protection, advertising law, regulatory law, environmental law, public and administrative law, corporate, tax and consumer law, compliance and internal investigations, evaluation of intangible assets, labour law and business formatting.

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.