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Managing Partners: Alexandre Andrade Lima da Fonte Filho, Rogério Vieira de Melo da Fonte, Carlos André Pereira Lima
Senior Partners: Antônio Beltrão, Edgar Moury Fernandes Neto, Eduardo Athayde, Gabriela Duque Poggi, Guilherme de Sá Cavalcanti, Juliana da Fonte Longman, João Lessa, Rodrigo Colares, Thais Farto, Simony Braga, José Luiz Galvão, Isabelle Rufino, Rhudá Tavares, Paula Lôbo
Number of partners: 62

M&A, Corporate & Commercial:
Alexandre da Fonte Filho, Guilherme de Sá Cavalcanti, Rodrigo Colares, Rogério da Fonte
Tax: Carlos André Pereira Lima
Civil & Commercial Litigation: Edgar Moury Fernandes, Rhudá Tavares
Real Estate: Juliana Longman
Administrative Law: Gabriela Duque
Labour: Simony Braga
IP & Information Technology: Isabelle Rufino
Guilherme de Sá Cavalcanti
Arbitration: João Lessa
Rodrigo Colares
White Collar Crimes: José Luiz Galvão
Environmental Law: Antônio Beltrão
Family & Inheritance: Thais Farto

Firm Overview: Established in 2000, Da Fonte Advogados provides legal services in 15 distinct areas of business law, with a strong practice in M&A, corporate law, and tax law in the Brazilian Northeast area. The firm represents both national and foreign clients in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, commercial transactions, foreign investments, administrative law (public bids, PPP, and infrastructure), national and international taxation, real estate, environmental law, labour law, intellectual property and information technology law, civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, white collar crimes, energy law, and family and inheritance law.

Areas of Practice:
Tax Law: 22%
M&A, Corporate & Commercial: 20%
Civil & Commercial Litigation: 9%
Labour: 9%
Litigation Advice: 8%
Administrative Law: 6%
Others: 26%

Main Areas of Practice:

M&A, Corporate & Commercial:

The firm is praised for its excellence in advising and representing both national and foreign clients in all aspects of M&A, corporate and commercial law, including joint ventures, commercial agreements, business structuring and incorporation in Brazil and abroad, private equity and venture capital investments, spin-offs, international transactions and foreign capital. Tax: The firm represents national and foreign corporations in tax planning and advisory services, assisting them to navigate through the complex Brazilian tax system. The firm also represents clients in legal proceedings, before both law and administrative courts.

Administrative Law:
The firm has represented clients in public bids, governmental contracts and public concessions, including public-private partnerships. The firm provides advisory services from the initial steps of the projects, throughout the execution, until its successful completion. The firm also represents its clients in law courts and administrative proceedings against the Federal, State and local governments.

Real Estate:
The firm has extensive practice in infrastructure projects, entertainment venues, financing and legal structuring for real estate projects, housing, shopping malls and purchase of real estate. The firm also represents clients before governmental authorities, public notaries and in real estate regularisation proceedings.

Intellectual Property & Information Technology:
The firm represents technology-based companies from a variety of industries, rendering services in several aspects of intellectual property and information technology law, including technology licensing, software agreements, copyright protection, data protection, internet law, entertainment law, e-commerce regulations, and trademarks protection.

International Work:
The firm has worked on cross-border transactions involving companies from different jurisdictions, including North American, Latin American, European, Asian and African countries. On such works, the firm advises on joint venture agreements, business structuring, mergers and acquisitions, company formation, international taxation, foreign investments, international licensing, concessions for infrastructure projects, intellectual property protection and granting of visas for foreigners.

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

The firm represents Brazilian and foreign clients from a wide range of industries, including engineering and construction, infrastructure, TV and radio, financial institutions, investment funds, energy, healthcare, hotels, entertainment, information technology, factories, sugar cane and ethanol, automotive, education, agriculture and shopping malls.