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City Development Law Firm

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Chairman: Shuying Zhu
Managing Partners: Wanquan Shao, Zhongchun Song, Shan Cao, Rubo Han, Ping Zhao, Jingyong Zhong
Number of partners: 208
Number of lawyers: 602
Languages: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Korean

Firm Overview:
Established in 1992, Shanghai City Development Law Firm is the first law firm specialised in the areas of construction, real estate, and infrastructure in mainland China. Sticking to the idea of “Leading, Practical, Sincere and Excellent”, the law firm provides professional legal services to its clients in the form of litigation, arbitration and non-litigation legal services, and keeps deepening and expanding its legal service scope and geographical coverage. Currently, it has built up a large-scale legal services structure with the resources shared among its headquarter in Shanghai, 18 branches throughout the country and several firms in alliance with it. Additionally, the law firm has established as a famous brand among Chinese law firms with predominant achievements in the field of professional legal services with strong specialties.

Main Areas of Practice:

■ Construction contract awarding, contracting and sub-contracting
■ Contract, bid plans and related legal documents drafting, reviewing, business negotiation, and execution 
■ Completion check, acceptance, delivery and maintenance of constructions 
■ Settlement, claim and anti-claim for compensation
■ Dispute resolution, estimation, litigation and arbitration
■ Assisting in tender and bid projects and risk analysis
Contact: Rubo Han
Tel: +86 21 33162559
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate:

■ Primary land development and due diligence study of the project
■ Grant and transfer of the State-owned land use right
■ Land expropriation, reconnaissance, design, and compensation for demolition
■ Urban village renovation and relocation
■ Industrial park and new residential communities’ development
■ Procurement of materials and equipment
■ All related legal contracts and documents drafting, amending and negotiation
■ Property management
■ Mergers and acquisitions and liquidation of real property companies
■ Financing for real property companies or project companies
■ Acquisitions of real properties and project transactions
Contact: Wanquan Shao
Tel: +86 21 52393132
Email: [email protected]

Public Private Partnership (PPP)
■ National and regional PPP and franchise legislation seminars
■ Legislation updates about infrastructure and public service investment
■ Recommendation, bids, operation, and other related issues of PPP projects with the authority from the government or the organisers
■ Plans and legal document for PPP projects issued by government with the authority from the social capital organisations
Contact: Shan Cao
Tel: +86 21 52393626
Email: [email protected]

Financing of Real Properties
■ Loans, Project, trade and structured financing, Letter of Credit and note 
■Finance leasing
■ Financial trust and asset-backed securitisation
■ Foundation, operation, and restructuring of financial institutes
■ Fund projects, such as PE/VC, sector and pension fund, etc.
■ Cross-border investment and financing
■ Litigation, arbitration and other dispute settlement in finance area
■ IPO, refinancing and NEEQ service
■ Other regular real estate business
Contact: Zhongchun Song
Tel: +86 21 33162775
Email: [email protected]

General Corporation & Comprehensive Legal Services
■ Corporation
■ Labour
■ Environment and natural resourse protection
■ Intellectual property
Contact: Jingyong Zhong
Tel: +86 21 52393139
Email: [email protected]

- Construction Real Estate
- Public Private Partnership (PPP)
- Financing of Real Properties
- General Corporation and Comprehensive
- Legal Services