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Managing Partners: Alfonso Reymond Larrain, Rodrigo Riquelme Yáñez, Camilo Silva Correa and César Pérez Burgos
Senior Partner: Alfonso Reymond Larrain
Number of partners: 4
Number of other lawyers: 7

Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation:
Alfonso Reymond Larraín
Infrastructure, Construction & Projects: Rodrigo Riquelme Yáñez
Concessions of Public Works: Alfonso Reymond Larraín
Public Law: Rodrigo Riquelme Yáñez
White-Collar & Securities Litigation: Alfonso Reymond Villegas

Firm Overview:
With its roots in one of the country’s most traditional and long established law firms, founded in 1875 as Aldunate & Associates Attorneys, later to be known as Reymond & Cía. Reymond & Cía (founding partners Alfonso Reymond and Rodrigo Riquelme) has vast experience advising both local and foreign companies on litigation, trials, arbitrations, mediations and dispute resolution matters. Mr Alfonso Reymond has 30 years of experience in claims and litigation concerning concession and construction contracts, both in national and international arbitration tribunals, and also before local courts. He is on the Panel of Arbitrators of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Arbitration and Mediation.
Rodrigo Riquelme has specialised in litigations and national and international arbitrations on infrastructure and construction matters related to the public and private sectors. His practice in public law includes advice in public contracts, private and public concessions, administrative law and public law in general.
Particularly, Reymond & Cía is considered a 'boutique' law firm in the field of disputes resolution in areas related to infrastructure, construction, public works and mining concessions, hospitals, in both public and private areas.
Reymond & Cía lawyers included in the list, have had a renowned participation in both national and international arbitrations, related to infrastructure works, such as public works concessions, projects of penitentiary infrastructure, energy, airport, and highways, desalination plants and mining projects. Likewise, Reymond & Cía has defended and/or represented before Chilean Courts, interests of clients who have constructed public infrastructure for the State of Chile, hospitals, roads and bridges. Reymond & Cía lawyers are renowned because of their ample technical knowledge in construction matters, which facilitates the interaction with clients when representing and/or defending their interests. The firm's public law practice advises on matters of public contracts, specifically in the constructions of public work and public work concessions. This practice focuses on counseling clients in their relations with the State of Chile, from the bidding, implementation and until its extinction, taking part in the negotiation and interfering in the claims of their interests. Finally, its members are public law specialists, who have written columns and dictated courses and conferences and have postgraduate studies in constitutional law and administrative law.

Areas of Practice:
Arbitrations, Litigations & Mediations: 30%
Infrastructure, Construction & Projects: 25%
Concessions of Public Works: 25%
Public Law: 10%
White-Collar & Securities Litigation: 10%

Main Areas of Practice:

Arbitrations, Litigations & Mediations:
Reymond & Cía is a recognised expert in all aspects related to this specialty. Led by Alfonso Reymond Larraín, Rodrigo Riquelme Yañez and the firm has a long record advising local and foreign clients in areas such as arbitrations, litigations, mediations and dispute settlements; considering subjects such as free competition, industrial property, civil and commercial law, tax, infrastructure, construction, concessions of public works, telecommunications, energy and natural resources.

Infrastructure, Construction, Projects & Energy:
Reymond & Cía has wide experience in this area of practice in Chile. Through the years, local and international corporations have relied on the firm for advice on all subjects and fields related to this area. Alfonso Reymond Larraín, Camilo Silva Correa and César Pérez Busrgos lead a highly specialised team positioned in construction, private and public infrastructure, arbitrations, litigations and mediations on those areas. Authors of the questionnaire 'Latin Lawyer Construction 2018'.

Concessions of Public Works:
The firm has advised on various infrastructure projects in the country, advising both national and international concessionaires and construction companies in various aspects involved in public infrastructure concessions, as well as risk assessment in tendering, financing, construction and operation of projects. Led by Alfonso Reymond Larraín.

Public Law:
Reymond & Cía advises companies in the infrastructure and concession public work with public litigation before the Supreme Court. Led by Rodrigo Riquelme and Juan Carlos Flores Rivas.

White-Collar & Securities Litigation:
The firm provides preventive advice to eliminate criminal contingencies in corporate or contractual operations, as well as in business in general. Similarly, the firm provides advice on criminal contingencies and represents interests before the courts. Led by Alfonso Reymond Villegas, the firm advises on financial crimes, crime against competition, securities fraud, tax fraud, commercial crimes, embezzlement, criminal product liability, corporate fraud, violations of environmental laws, among others. International Work: Alfonso Raymond L. is on the Panel of Arbitrators of the Argentina Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Arbitration.

English, French, Spanish.

The firm's clients include local and international: Sociedad Concesionaria Vespucio Oriente; (AVO I) Grupo Sacyr-OHL); Sociedad Concesionaria Ruta Nahuelbuta; Abertis Autopistas Chile (Vías Chile); Besalco Construcciones S.A.; Icafal Ingeniería y Construcción; Obrascón Huarte Lain Agencia en Chile; Aguas Chañar S.A.; Empresa Constructora Belfi S.A.; CMB Prime Fondo Infraestructura I y II; B; Empresa Constructora Salfa S.A.; Constructora Consorcio Hospital de Rancagua; Empresa Constructora Echeverría Izquierdo, Consorcio Constructor Hospital de Talca, Kipreos Ingenieros S.A., among others.