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Castro, Barros, Sobral, Gomes Advogados

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Number of partners worldwide: 13
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 71

Firm Contact: André Gomes de Oliveira

Firm Overview:
Established more than 60 years ago, Castro, Barros, Sobral, Gomes Advogados (CBSG) is one of Brazil’s most respected law firms. With offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília and Lisbon, CBSG has a broad client base, including Brazilian and multinational clients, corporations or government entities, in all sectors of the economy. The firm represents clients in all areas of business law, working in transactional, regulatory and litigious matters.

Main Areas of Practice:

Infrastructure, Administrative & Regulatory:

CBSG advises companies and governments in the various types of private operation of infrastructure projects, such as concessions, public-private partnerships, lease of public facilities, privatisations. Relevant sectors include roads, railroads, ports, airports, water treatment and distribution, waste treatment, health care, urban mass transit, telecommunications, broadcasting and energy. The firm also has broad experience in advising clients in all aspects of government procurement.

Arbitration & Litigation:
CBSG assists in arbitration, resolving domestic and cross-border disputes. In litigation, the firm practices before the state and federal courts at all levels.

CBSG assists companies in a range of economic sectors in matters of competition law, such as merger clearance, anti-competitive conduct (cartels, bid rigging, predatory pricing, access to essential facilities, etc), opposition to concentrations and analysis of commercial structures and contractual provisions.

CBSG assists in anticorruption due diligence, risk assessment, internal investigation and documentation analysis, development of code of conducts as well as the implementation and supervision of the programs, training at all levels and counseling on anticorruption and compliance matters.

Corporate Finance & Banking Transactions:
CBSG advises in financial transactions, such as letters of credit, loans, project finance, and leasing, both domestic and cross-border.

Corporate Law:
CBSG has a strong track record in incorporating companies, partnerships and non-profit organisations. The firm advises on bylaws and articles of association, partnership agreements, joint-ventures, shareholder's agreements, and also represents clients before the Brasilian Securities & Exchange Comission and in corporate litigation.

CBSG advises in environmental licensing, due diligence, risk assessment, compensation programs, investigations, administrative proceedings and public civil actions.

Insurance & Reinsurance:
CBSG works on issues involving insurance and reinsurance, such as, setting up insurance and reinsurance companies in Brazil; regulatory aspects before Susep, ANS, CNSP, etc; drafting policies, contracts,slips and other documents; tax treatment to insurance and reinsurance companies; indemnity and liability limitation; litigation and arbitration.

Labour & Social Security:
CBSG advises in all areas of labour relations and corresponding social security issues, among them the implementation of incentive and voluntary downsizing programs, profit sharing collective bargaining and stock option plans and other fringe benefits, as well as in litigation and labour investigations.

CBSG assists in transactions and litigation involving both civil and military vessels and shipping operations, such as incorporation of Brazilian shipping companies, registration of ship owners, construction, acquisition and registration of vessels, charter contracts and marine insurance, maritime casualties, financing, impoundment and mortgages, collection of debts and assistance to offshore industry suppliers.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
CBSG has a strong M&A practice, including the drafting and negotiation of preliminary documents, full due diligence of target companies, drafting and negotiation of definitive agreements and assisting in post-closing documents, such as service agreements, executive compensation, non-compete covenants and shareholders agreements.

Oil & Gas:
CBSG advises in both upstream and downstream activities to energy companies and service providers, including sector-specific tax planning.

Restructuring & Insolvency:
CBSG is actively involved in debt restructurings, court-supervised and out of court corporate reorganisation and bankruptcy proceedings. Representing investors and creditors, the restructuring and insolvency team works in all stages of the restructuring proceeding, especially in litigation involving claims against the company in financial distress and providing legal advice to investors interested in purchasing companies in financial distress or their assets, and to financial institutions interested in financing companies in such situation.

CBSG assists in the analysis of the taxes and other levies charging directly and indirectly on domestic and foreign companies’ activities, as well as on transfer pricing, restructuring and planning of complex financial and commercial transactions. It also assists foreign clients in evaluating the tax aspects of importing products and services, including those of transfer of technology and know-how and on the development of the tax planning structures not only in Brazil, but also involving more than one jurisdiction. In litigation, the firm practises before municipal, state and federal administrative and judicial spheres at all levels.

International Work:
CBSG has had an associate office in Lisbon since the 80s, which helps in advising clients doing business in the EU and in the Portuguese speaking African countries.

Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.