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Carpena Advogados Associados

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Managing Partners: Márcio Louzada Carpena, Jaqueline Franceschetti, Valternei Melo de Souza, Alexsandro da Silva Linck and Fernanda Cortes Lopes Mainieri
Senior Partners: André Luis Palmarante Ferreira, Bruno Braul, César Augusto Verch, Camille Martine Menezes, Laura Tavares Nicoloso, Diego Goulart WyderHerradon, Eduardo Rosa Franco and Michelly Louzada Carpena.
Number of partners: 120 (including lawyers)
Number of other lawyers:

Firm Overview:
Founded more than 30 years ago and with one of the largest physical structures in southern Brazil, Carpena Advogados Associados’, main unit is strategically located in the city of Porto Alegre, RS. The firm has developed over time a single mode of work: in the search of the best solutions to its clients, it reconciles high legal technique and focus on effective results. Its professional team, with a solid academic background and extensive experience in practical issues, works with agility, transparency and safety, making decisions in an intelligent, efficient and secure manner. Due to these features, Carpena Advogados Associados has been obtaining the recognition, not only from its clients – among them many national and international, large, medium, and small-sized companies – but also from the market in general, which has led to a growing expansion of its operation areas.

Alexsandro da Silva Link, Bruno Braul General
Corporate & Litigation: Márcio Louzada Carpena
Banking & Financing: Jaqueline Franceschetti
Corporate Governance: Fernanda Cortes Lopes Mainieri
Camille Martins Menezes
Consumer: Laura Tavares Nicoloso
Labour: André Palmarante Ferreira, Diego Goulart Wyder Herradon
Cesar Augusto Verch
Intellectual Property: Michelly Louzada Carpena
Eduardo Rosa Franco
Bankruptcy & Restructuring: Valternei Melo de Souza

Main Areas of Practice:

Judicial & Arbitral Disputes:
Joining insight and accurate strategic planning, Carpena Advogados is recognised by its clients due to its action in judicial and arbitral cases of high economic value and great legal representativity. Its focus on details without losing the overall view of each process has allowed highly positive and satisfactory results, even when the chances, many times, seem reduced. With its own expertise, mainly in superior courts, it has been recognised as a differentiated firm and good results.

Banking & Finance:
The firm has an extensive knowledge and experience in banking law, mainly as to the defense of interests of member entities of the financial system (banks, financing companies, among others), acting from credit recovery and high-level financial stress cases to the defense of contract review and indemnities.

Judicial Assets & Liabilities:

Management Widely recognised for its ability in dealing with judicial assets and liabilities, mainly as to legal issues related to discussions of high amounts, the lawyers of the firm are focused on acting fast and accurately, building legal alternatives capable of providing economically significative results as well as providing excellent management and administration of case portfolios.

Civil Liability:
With a strong presence in the area related to indemnification for material and moral damages, mainly when large amounts are involved, it works both for authors that suffered rights violation and in making thesis defenses of defendants, not only before local courts but also and especially before superior courts.

From a proactive and comprehensive attitude, Carpena Advogados propitiates its clients a complete and safe defense of their interests within the complex Brazilian labour legislation, both at administrative and judicial level. Also, it strongly operates to identify possible weaknesses and risks in the operations of its clients, suggesting the implementation of changes and improvements in the work routines.

Besides the consulting service and the high-quality preventive operation in the fiscal area, the firm is equipped to work with judicial and administrative proceedings, maximising positive economic results and minimising potential losses for its clients as to taxes in general.

Environmental & Regulations:
The firm offers to its clients a wide assistance on the Brazilian environmental law and regulations, notably in the energy and industrial sector. Over the years, whether through studies and legal opinion aiming at the strategic planning of their clients, or through an objective and high-level work related to administrative and legal proceedings, Carpena Advogados has been following and advising several companies to make decisions in relation to environmental issues and regulations, propitiating the reduction of legal and economic liabilities.

Restructuring & Insolvency:
Carpena Advogados has professionals highly prepared to advise and follow its clients in situation of economic and financial crises of their own as well as third parties’, both in judicial and extrajudicial sphere. Joining judicial creativity and qualified knowledge, mainly as to the Brazilian restructuring and insolvency law, the firm has managed to build, within the most different judicial scenarios, solutions allowing, on one hand, to overcome legal restrictions to business restructuring and, on the other, the p rotection of interests of investors, creditors, and debtors.

Intellectual Property:
To defend intangible assets, the firm acts in all areas of intellectual property to protect these valuable assets for its clients. The team has specialised knowledge in this area, both in litigation or consulting.

English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

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