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Managing Partner: Dunker Morales-Vela
Senior Partners: Fabián Andrade-Narváez, Dunker Morales-Vela and Juan Francisco Palacios
Number of Partners: 3
Number of Other Lawyers: 5
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

The Firm:

Cardinal, Abogados y Consultores is a boutique law firm highly specialised in public and regulatory law, dispute resolution, real estate, and corporate/commercial matters. The firm has been providing services since 1995 and is comprised of professionals of very high academic level and recognised competence in private practice that, together with the administrative team, guarantee extraordinary quality and efficiency in the services that renders.

The firm has focused on providing comprehensive and personalised services assuring each case is handled primarily by a senior lawyer or by the lawyer at the level that best suits the client´s need in terms of economic efficiency.

It has been usual for general practitioners and larger local firms to consult and retain our lawyers to attend their own cases in the areas of ​​our expertise. Also, several international law firms have required the services of the firm to serve their institutional clients in Ecuador.

Among Cardinal´s main clients are some of the most important domestic and multinational corporations operating in Ecuador. Our portfolio includes several of the biggest 100 taxpayers in the country.

Areas of Practice:

Public and Regulatory Law 30%
Dispute Resolution 25%
Real Estate 25%
Corporate/Commercial 20%

Main Areas of Practice:

Public and Regulatory Law:
The public and regulatory law department is undoubtedly the backbone of Cardinal, the experience and knowledge of Cardinal's lawyers in this field is reflected in their outstanding achievements and recognitions.
The competition law practice within the public and regulatory law department is well known and widely respected. Our lawyers have intervened in a wide range of competition law matters, from conducting due diligence processes, advising in the drafting of contracts or M&A transactions to representing clients in administrative and judicial procedures.
The solid and integral knowledge of administrative and regulatory law applied by all members of Cardinal's team has resulted in our clients prevailing in every single case that the firm has advised either before the administrative antitrust or the judiciary authorities.
Cardinal's public and regulatory law department has drafted and advised on several of the most relevant pieces of legislation in the area in Ecuador, such as Organic Administrative Code and Law on Incentives for Public-Private Partnerships.
Cardinal attorneys and consultants ordinarily represents private parties in court proceedings initiated to challenge the acts of determination of responsibilities issued by the Office of the General Comptroller. Currently, the largest amount in dispute in a case under our representation is $150 million, in relation to the contractual execution of a concession on infrastructure in Ecuador.
Finally, our team has represented private clients in several of the most important cases regarding administrative sanctioning procedures in a wide range of areas such as telecommunications, public health, profit sharing in labour relations, urban planning and land use, and energy.

Dispute Resolution:
As part of a boutique firm, Cardinal's dispute resolution department reflects that standard: highly specialised services for solving complex legal problems. The department handles a limited amount of cases at the time in order to devote similar effort and time to all cases and guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients. Our litigation team represents clients in three large areas at the domestic level: constitutional, commercial (both litigation and arbitration) and administrative.
The firm, through its dispute resolution department, has represented clients in local legal proceedings with amount in dispute exceeding $400 million last year.
Our partners have participated as experts in several multibillion arbitration investment disputes.

Corporate and Commercial:
Cardinal provides services in all aspects related to the establishment of companies and any other corporate operation, mergers and acquisitions, and other forms of corporate restructuring. We follow the legal life of the organisation according to the requirements of our clients.
The firm is qualified to advise on civil and commercial contracting of any kind but deals mostly with complex agreements.

Real Estate:
The real estate department has excelled in handling complex international transactions such as PPP projects related to ports, airports and highways; divestments in hydroelectric plants, telecommunications infrastructure and public utility concessions.
We also frequently counsel on pure real estate acquisitions. Cardinal currently represents the developers of the three largest housing projects being carried out in Quito.
The projects in which Cardinal has advised reach figures in excess of $3 billion. Our lawyers have represented both public entities and private investors.
In addition, our team has worked in the creation of legal norms in all areas related to real estate.

Public and Regulatory Law
- Fabián Andrade-Narváez
Dispute Resolution - Dunker Morales-Vela
Real Estate - Dunker Morales Medina
Corporate and Commercial Law - Adriana Flores

Among the firm's main clients are:
AB Esmeraldas, ATC Galavoyager, Beaglelogistics, BMV Inmobiliaria, Broadband Comunicaciones, BTD, Datafast, Duragas, El Rosado, Ferrisariato, Ferroinmobiliaria, La Holandesa, New Access, Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados OCP, Otecel (Telefónica), Petrochina, Supercines, Telxius Cable Ecuador, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar.

■ Aerospace and Defence
■ Commercial & Professional Services
■ Construction and Materials
■ Consumer Product Manufacturing
■ Education
■ Energy
■ Food and Drink Producers
■ Government
■ Oil & Gas
■ Pharmaceuticals
■ Real Estate
■ Retail
■ Telecommunications
■ Technology
■ Travel & Leisure