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Managing Partners: José Vicente Amaral Filho, Julio Nicolau Filho
Senior Partners: Maria Paula Nogueira Lusvarghi Passanezi, Lumy Tahara, Kátia Alessandra Marsulo Soares, Claudia Russi Alfini, Larissa Pimentel Lilla Mofarej
Partners: Douglas Herculano Silvestre, Cristiane Ferreira Lemos, Carolina de Góes Picchioni Zambotto, Edmar Oliveira Andrade Neto, Rodrigo Julio da Silveira, Danielle Pereira de Souza, Felipe Varela Hollanda, Carolina de Lima Domingues, Flavia Regina Bosio, Thelma Silano Ramos, Dianny Almeida Esteves, Bruno Stefano De Oliveira Canhete, Jessica Costa Vara Dos Santos, Sandra Rose de Mendes Freire e Franco, Roberta de Mattos Ciuffo, Macella Kfouri Meirelles Oliveira, Rafael Ghovatto De Couto, Caroline Araujo Fernandes, Pablo Blanco Lima Gonzalez

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1997, Law Office Amaral e Nicolau Advogados is recognised for its ethical commitment, excellence on relation with clients and the quest for creative and efficient solutions to each type of need. Co-founders, José Vicente Amaral Filho and Julio Nicolau Filho, have been leading legal departments of the most traditional real estate and construction companies of Brazil.

Connecting its experience to the professionals that are part of the staff, the office has followed the tendencies, the market modernisation and diversification and has become specialist on contracts, administrative and legal areas.

The law office Amaral e Nicolau Advogados has reached a respectful position on real estate and construction market, and in the last few years has also been playing with success in the family and succession area.

Areas of Practice:
Real Estate (Consulting): 50%
Real Estate (Litigation): 50%

Work Highlights: Representative work highlights since January 2017:

Even Construtora S.A:
Real estate development with a mixed purpose (residential and commercial), to be built on a 4,890m² (four thousand, eight hundred and ninety square meters) area at the district of Itaim Bibi, in São Paulo/SP, acquired through unification of 24 properties. The project will be composed preliminarily by a tower with hotel and residential studios, stores and a residential tower.
Contacts: José Vicente Amaral Filho, Lumy Tahara and Douglas Herculano Silvestre

Tegra Incorporadora:
Full assistance of legal advice for real estate developers to acquisition of 2.425,00 sqm, in the neighbourhood Pinheiros, City of São Paulo. This project consists of residential and shops.
Contacts: Lumy Tahara and Flavia Regina Bosio

M.A. Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda.:
Real estate development with a mixed purpose (residential and commercial), to be built on a 5,000m² (five thousand square meters) area at an exclusive neighborhood of São Paulo, composed preliminarily by supermarket, stores, a commercial tower and residential towers. Contacts: José Vicente Amaral Filho and Lumy Tahara

Languages: English, Portuguese.

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