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Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez

Current View:

This content is provided by Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez.

Managing Partner: Fernanda Hernandez

Firm Overview:
Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez is a Brazilian law firm established in 1990 in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. From the very beginning, the firm has been deeply committed to its clients, always looking for the greatest outcomes through ethical principles and transparency. The firm distinguishes itself by providing its clients with safe guidance and personal attention.

It has solid experience in dealing with legal procedures towards the various courts in Brazil. Its lawyers are well-oriented to provide legal assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial matters within the Brazilian jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the firm has a strong knowledge in acting as amicus curiae on matters submitted to trial in Supreme Court and Superior Courts of Brazil in cases of general repercussion and repetitive petitions.

The firm also acts as a legal correspondent, in Brasília for the legal departments of various companies and for many law firms from the several localities in Brazil.

The firm has its legal practice outlined by the following branches of activities: constitutional, tax, administrative, labour, social security, mining, civil and real estate. In addition, the clients that utilise its services come from various sectors in Brazil as: construction, public sanitation, financial institutions, steel mills, food and beverage industries, cosmetics, sugar and alcohol fuel industries, data processing companies, petroleum industries, environmental engineering, collective transportation, mining and real estate.

Main Areas of Practice:

Constitutional Law:

The firm acts, primarily, on topics related to constitutional law. Its lawyers promote the issuance of legal opinions and advice, especially as a preventive matter. The firm aims to guide strategies towards the ongoing proceedings in accordance to the current jurisprudence and determinations of the Supreme Court of Brazil, as well as to provide legal services of any constitutional nature to its clients.
Practice Contacts: Fernanda Guimarães Hernandez ([email protected]), Bruna Macedo Moreth ([email protected]), Luciana Marques dos Reis Frattini ([email protected], Blader Henrique de Lira Soares ([email protected]), Rafaella Alencar Ribeiro ([email protected])

The firm elaborates anticipatory legal advice, as well as any further consultation on federal and local tax matters. It provides legal defence in tax audits and supports, with distinction, any administrative or legal proceeding. Moreover, it acts in tax proceedings and tax and social security litigation, real estate and local taxation, corporate taxation, indirect tax recovery, social security consulting and special tax regimes.
Practice Contacts: Fernanda Guimarães Hernandez ([email protected]), Bruna Macedo Moreth ([email protected]), Luciana Marques dos Reis Frattini ([email protected], Blader Henrique de Lira Soares ([email protected]), Rafaella Alencar Ribeiro ([email protected])

Administrative Law:
Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez assists its clients in administrative litigation, including administrative impropriety, administrative contracts and licitation. Moreover, its work is directed to the study of regulations, acts and laws issued by the various regulatory agencies resident in Brasília, in order to optimise the activities related to the products and services that are subject of the government inspection. The firm provides advice and monitors licitation procedures, administrative procedures of misconduct and public civil procedure.
Practice Contacts: Fernanda Guimarães Hernandez ([email protected], Bruna Macedo Moreth ([email protected]), Luciana Marques dos Reis Frattini ([email protected], Blader Henrique de Lira Soares ([email protected]), Rafaella Alencar Ribeiro ([email protected]).

Labour & Social Security:
The firm assists its clients in labour and social security litigations in general. Its main objectives are to provide preventive advice in order to outline further procedures and to provide its clients with the best outcomes towards its legal services. Moreover, it deals with employment contracts, human resources, collective bargaining (collective transportation) and labour relations, dismissals and rearrangement, labour planning and revisions, arbitration and litigation, advisory services in judicial disputes, administrative and contentious proceedings (including sportive contentious labour proceedings).
Practice Contacts: Luiz José Guimarães Falcão ([email protected]), Elisa de Albuquerque Medeiros ([email protected]), Raphael Felício de Oliveira ([email protected]

The firm aims to provide its clients with legal advice and advocacy in administrative and judicial proceedings towards the mining branch of law, especially in royalties matters. It also aims to provide the assessment of companies towards the implementation of the existing legislation, mainly in order to obtain authorisations and concessions by the National Department of Mineral Production (DNMP).
Pratice Contact: Fernanda Guimarães Hernandez ([email protected]).

Civil Law:
Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez provides a preventive consulting service in order to assist its clients towards the preparation of contracts (and their revision), general documents and agreements. It also supports its clients in negotiation conflicts by performing these procedures and by concluding legal transactions. Also, it offers advocacy services on the most general judicial proceedings, especially related to the consumer protection law.
Practice Contacts: Fernanda Guimarães Hernandez ([email protected]), Elisa de Albuquerque Medeiros ([email protected]

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French.