Suggesting New Practice Areas

Chambers USA Suggesting New Practice Areas

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve and expand our research, so we welcome suggestions from law firms for new areas of coverage. These could range from introducing entirely new tables for new practice areas, looking at more local jurisdictions or creating sub-tables for niche practice area specialities.

Given the significant time constraints and workload our existing research produces, we would ask that these proposals be accompanied with some further detail to give us a head-start on investigating whether it would be feasible. This informal proposal can be free form, covering general points such as those suggested below:

• Please explain the area generally and explain why it is important.

• If applicable, briefly note how it differs from existing Chambers categories.

• Provide brief insight into how your firm’s practice approaches this area, and which attorneys are involved.

• Provide a couple of examples of significant and/or typical clients in the sector, in terms of company names and/or company types (i.e. tech companies/institutional lenders etc.).

• Provide examples of other firms and attorneys from other firms who are active in the space/jurisdiction.
Once we have the relevant information, we will start preliminary work to see whether a potential new area is a feasible area of research for us and that the information isn’t already captured elsewhere. If it is viable, while it is possible that this will result in a completely new table within the same research year, it is likely that we will first lay the groundwork for a potential new area of research initially, before looking to create a new table the following year.