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Litigation in London (Firms)

Ranking Tables

London Litigation is researched and ranked based on the wide range of litigation and dispute chapters that are already covered in Chambers UK, and serves as an overview of general civil dispute resolution capabilities. More information about the firms listed here can be found in the other sections in which they are ranked.

Firms ranked in this table regularly handle highly sophisticated civil disputes relating to a wide range of financial, corporate and commercial transactions and relationships. As these rankings are for litigation only we do not take into account a firm’s rankings in International Arbitration, though commensurate talent in this area may be included in a firm’s published editorial to give clients a sense of which firms are best placed to assist them with a wide range of contentious situations.

Many other more specialised areas of contentious practice are better served by our dedicated coverage elsewhere in the UK guide, and so it should not be assumed that high rankings in any contentious London chapter will contribute to a ranking in London Litigation.

Larger and more established full-service firms are well-represented in the rankings, however we also rank an increasing number of litigation boutiques and other more specialised outfits as this area of the market continues to expand.

We do not rank individual lawyers in this section, but we do provide a list of key contacts for each firm, typically consisting of highly ranked litigators from other chapters of Chambers UK.