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Bankruptcy/Restructuring in Brazil Legal Rankings

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Chambers Brazil’s bankruptcy/restructuring table features the best law firms and the best lawyers handling the most high-stake restructuring mandates in the country.  The top practices listed handle mandates includes the representation of  creditors, debtors, bondholders, insurers and investors from both domestic and international organisations. Law firms are enlisted to work alongside international peers to handle Chapter 11 and Chapter 15 filings. They also handle the most complex cases in Brazilian specialised courts as well as transactional legal cases involving acquisitions of distressed assets. Some of the most traditional full-service players in the legal sector, including the law firms Felsberg Advogados and Pinheiro Neto Advogados feature high in the legal rankings. Well-established boutique law firms such as E. Munhoz Advogados and Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzeil Advogados also make the top-tier position in the rankings. Thomas Benes Felsberg, Ivo Waisberg, Luiz Fernando Valente Paiva, Giuliano Colombo, Renato Luiz Macedo Mange and Eduardo Munhoz are among the most successful lawyers ranked here.

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