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Overview What are the deadlines for Chambers Canada 2022? How are the submissions process changing for Chambers Canada 2022? Do you have a preferred mechanism for submitting for a single practitioner rather than a group? How are Canadian rankings in the Chambers Global guide prepared? Do we need to submit for partners who are already ranked or should we only submit for unranked partners? What is the best way to include associates in submissions? Will we be penalised for including matters across multiple submissions? Do we have to provide diversity statistics? How does your increased focus on diversity factor into the research process? Are any new practice areas being researched for Chambers Canada 2022? As more workplaces are working remotely due to COVID-19, will referees be contacted differently for Chambers Canada 2022? What is the difference between provincial and nationwide categories? Why do some practice areas have both? Do you interview every firm that submits? How do we find out who the researcher is? What is your best advice for someone new to the world of legal marketing and the Chambers submission process? How do I get more information on our ranking? How important is LGBTQ diversity to Chambers? Can we include over 10 publishable matters as long as we submit 20 total matters? Should multiple matters be listed under a single client, or do you prefer those to be broken out into different matter listings? What should we take into consideration when selecting which matters to feature? Do you give more weight to cross-border matters, example or matters that involve big-name clients? How important is it to see new clients on the client lists? Do you give any preference to publishable matters/client over confidential ones? What is the value of more vs. less referees? In other words, is there value in submitting 20 referees when 10 would suffice?

How are the submissions process changing for Chambers Canada 2022?

This year we will be streamlining the submissions process to make submitting to Chambers even easier than before. We will be inviting submissions for certain core practice areas, including Corporate, Projects & Energy, and Disputes, to incorporate a wider range of work, rather than requiring separate submissions for each area. We will also be inviting additional referees to be provided for these areas as needed. The full list of changes can be found below. 


We are optimising our research by identifying the practice areas that clients value most, supported by the improved data analytics we have from presenting our rankings digitally. By focusing our resources on practice areas that are particularly in flux or growing, we will maximise the value brought by our rankings to users of Chambers Canada. As in the past, all of our practice areas will continue to be reviewed annually by members of our research team. 

The following changes to accepted submissions should be noted carefully. While the rankings tables for all areas will remain unchanged, we will be asking for fewer submissions and as such the following submissions should include a wider range of matters: 

-Agribusiness: one submission should now incorporate work covering both Agriculture & Food Products and Forestry. 

-Banking & Finance: please provide one submission covering Banking & Finance, Financial Services Regulation, and Capital Markets

-Class ActionsProduct Liability and Arbitration work should now be included in the submission for Nationwide: Dispute Resolution 

-The Corporate/M&A: Nationwide submissions should now also include work previously featured on the Private Equity and Start-ups submissions. 

-General Business Law: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada. We will no longer be accepting practice area specific submissions for these regions. All work and client references should be submitted under General Business Law. 

-Employment, Labour & Pensions: Nationwide – this submission should include work previously featured on separate Nationwide Employment and Pensions & Benefits submissions. The format for provincial employment submissions remains unchanged.  

-Energy: We will no longer be accepting submissions for the Energy: Provincial Regulatory sections. These ranking tables will no longer feature in the guide. 

-Hospitality and Retail matters should now be included as part of the Real Estate: Nationwide submission. 

-Insurance: please provide only one submission covering both Transactions & Regulatory and Dispute Resolution

-IP: we are no longer accepting separate submissions for IP and IP: Litigation. 

-Investment Funds: should include both transactions and fund formation work, as previously, as well as work previously included as part of a separate REITs submission. 

-We have created a new chapter called “Projects & Construction.” Work previously featured on separate Projects: PPP & InfrastructureProject FinancePublic Procurement and Construction submissions should now all be included here. 

-Telecoms, Media & Broadcasting: work previously featured on separate Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications & Broadcasting submissions should now be included here together.  

-Transportation: work and client references for AviationRail & Road and Shipping should all now be included on one submission. 

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