Chambers Seminar: Intellectual Property

We are delighted to announce the Chambers Forum Seminar on Intellectual Property will be in association with Han Kun Law Offices.

Date: Tuesday 26 February 2019

Time: 10:30 - 12:30

Topic: Understanding Global Litigation

As patent disputes are becoming more and more international, the seminar will focus on exploring the intellectual property litigation practice and trends in China, and Germany and Japan. Our speakers will share their tips on choosing where to litigate, reducing the risk of invalidation, evidence collection, as well as other jurisdiction-based advantages and disadvantages.


Lili Wu
Han Kun Law Offices

Lili Wu is a partner in Han Kun Law Offices. She has extensive experience in strategically managing patent portfolios for multinational clients to help increase the value of their Intellectual Property assets. Her experience spans various technology industries, including electronic devices, internet, telecommunications, information technology, automobile, medical device, manufacturing and green energy. Ms. Wu has litigated many IP dispute cases over the years, and has represented clients in several court cases which have been recognized as typical cases by the PRC Supreme People’s Court and the Beijing High Court. Ms. Wu is also active in international associations, leading and participating in the study of legal issues and drafting of reports and is a frequent speaker in different international conferences.


Tobias J. Hessel

Tobias J. Hessel has worked as an attorney since 2009 and advises and represents clients in national as well as multi-jurisdictional litigation cases. He mainly represents clients in patent and utility model infringement cases and in parallel opposition and nullity proceedings at the European Patent Office and the German Federal Patent Court. He also represents clients in damages proceedings. Tobias’ clients are predominantly in the fields of information technology, medical devices, telecommunications, and semiconductors.

Makoto Okada
TMI Associates

Makoto Okada is a partner at TMI Associates. He is known for handling both contentious and non-contentious IP matters, especially patent disputes including patent infringement litigation and litigation rescinding trial decisions at court, patent invalidation trials at the Japan Patent Office and import suspensions at Customs. He has experience in patent disputes involving a variety of technologies, such as mobile phones, telecommunications, internet/network technologies, semiconductors, mechanical devices, optical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnologies. He communicates closely with foreign-based clients in global patent litigation matters, including cases in which several patent infringement lawsuits regarding the same products have been filed simultaneously in Japan and another country. He has successfully handled such cases in cooperation and conjunction with such clients and foreign law firms. Since 2016, He has been selected by Customs as a member of the IP Right Expert Advisors “with sufficient knowledge and experience in the area of Intellectual Property Right” under the Customs Law and the Cabinet Order for Enforcement of the Customs Law.

Takahiro Yanagimoto

Mr.Yanagimoto received his M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Tokyo in 2006, and was engaged in research in the field of advanced biotechnology at the University of Osaka. After qualifying as a patent attorney in 2008, he earned his J.D. in 2012 also from the University of Tokyo. He joined SOEI in 2012, where he handled patent applications, prosecutions, and appeals. He completed his judicial training at the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court, and registered as an Attorney-at-law in 2014. He currently handles invalidation trials before the Japan Patent Office, suits against trial decisions, IP litigation, drafts contracts, and IP due diligence. His technical fields of expertise are molecular pharmacology and organic synthesis.