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  • Full assistance in mergers and acquisitions through the preparation of various agreements and the applicable tax planning and performance of due diligence.

  • Preparation and implementation of corporate restructuring transactions such as split-off, consolidation and merger of companies.

  • Assistance in the organization of companies, including joint ventures, through the preparation of articles of incorporation, articles of organization, minutes and organization of corporate books and documents.

  • Assistance for the organization of companies by foreigners or persons residing in foreign countries.

  • Assistance and representation of clients to defend their rights in ordinary meetings, extraordinary meetings and meetings of the board of directors and fiscal committee.

  • Preparation of shareholders' and/or members' agreements.

  • Restructuring of family companies, succession planning and property protection.

  • Administrative and legal defense of the company and/or shareholder/members in proceedings for the full or partialdissolution of the companies, with liquidation of assets.


Battastini Neves, Sillas

Corsetti Manozzo, Fernando

Dal Pont Branchi, Fábio

Neves, Zulmar