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What the team is known for Well known for its significant expertise in disputes arising from collision, salvage and pollution near Guangdong, Fujian and Shandong. Broad offering and notable experience handling maritime insurance matters and financial disputes on behalf of various clients such as P&I clubs and insurance companies.

Strengths"I've been impressed by Yang & Lin's work on casualty claims," reports a client.

Notable practitioners

业务优势 该所在处理广东、福建和山东附近发生的碰撞、打捞和污染所引起的纠纷方面具有显著的专业知识,因而闻名。提供广泛的服务, 并在代表各种如保赔协会和保险公司等客户处理海上保险事务和金融纠纷方面有着令人瞩目的经验。

团队强项   “广东恒福律师事务所在处理伤亡索赔案方面给我留下深刻的印象,” 一位客户报告说。


Yang Yunfu advises clients on a range of litigious and insurance shipping mandates. He is especially well versed in collisions, environmental pollution and bills of lading disputes, and is described by one source as "really experienced and knowledgeable."

杨运福 律师为客户就各种诉讼性和航运保险工作提供建议。他尤其精通处理碰撞、环境污染和提货单纠纷, 并被一位消息人士描述为 “经验非常丰富且知识渊博。“