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Wintell has a strong professional team with extensive practical experience in shipping field. Since the beginning of Wintell, the legal service in shipping has become an advantageous business section of Wintell. Nowadays, it is in the leading position within the circle and obtains good reputation. All of lawyers of the shipping team graduated from top universities at home and abroad. They accepted systematic and high legal education and have good knowledge of maritime law and relevant laws. Many lawyers have professional degrees in navigation, shipbuilding and shipping management. Some lawyers had worked in maritime universities, shipping companies or insurance companies before practice. The shipping team also has many distinguished shipping experts and scholars as our long-term senior consultants. The professional knowledge structure and extensive experience of the lawyers and senior consultants enables the shipping team to provide fully professional legal services in shipping and to protect clients’ commercial interest. This is one of the reasons why Wintell gradually becomes a preferred choice of clients.




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