Wang Jing & Co

Shipping (PRC Firms) Department

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What the team is known for Considered one of the leading firms in the shipping arena across China, operating from bases adjacent to key shipping ports along the coast of China. Houses specialists that offer a full spectrum of services on wet and dry shipping matters including bills of lading, collisions, casualties and financial disputes such as payment default and fraud. Counsel of choice for leading shipping enterprises, P&I clubs and shipowners. Additionally noted for its general commercial dispute resolution capabilities.

Strengths A client describes the department as "a very conscientious, dedicated team which is specialised in shipping law," and appreciates that "whenever there is a query, their answers come back quickly."

"They are the best," enthuses another client, adding: "Everybody agrees that their capabilities are top-notch."

Work highlights Advised the Bank of Communications on a USD38 million loan granted to Five Stars Beijing Shipping Company for its acquisition of a bulk carrier.

Notable practitioners

业务优势该所被认为是中国航运领域里的领先律所之一, 在中国沿海主要航运港口设有办公室工作。拥有一个专业的团队为湿航运和干航运事务提供全方位的服务, 包括提货单、碰撞、伤亡和诸如付款违约和欺诈之类的财务纠纷。该团队是领先航运企业、保赔协会和船东的首选顾问。同时以其处理一般商业纠纷的能力而受到注意。

团队强项  客户形容该团队是 “一个非常认真、敬业,专精于航运法的团队,” 并欣赏他们“每当有疑问时, 他们很快提供答案。”

“他们是最好的,” 另一位客户热情地说, 并补充道: “每个人都同意他们的能力是顶尖的。”

业务亮点   为交通银行就向五星北京船务发放3800万美元贷款提供建议, 该贷款用于收购一艘散装货船。


Rising in the rankings, Yuan Hui wins praise for his ability to handle a range of shipping-related mandates. His expertise spans litigious cases, including matters including collisions, salvage and oil pollution disputes and extends to non-contentious matters including maritime insurance and international trade issues.

排名上升的 袁晖 律师以其能够处理一系列与航运法相关的工作而赢得赞誉。他的专业知识涵盖诉讼案件, 包括碰撞、打捞和燃油污染纠纷, 并延伸至非争议性事宜, 包括海上保险和国际贸易问题。

Chen Xiangyong retains a prominent position in the market, one source saying that he "is really well recognised and influential in P&I club circles." He is highly experienced in litigation and arbitration and handles a varied array of disputes on behalf of shipowners, shipbuilders and P&I clubs. According to one impressed client: "His way of handling problem is really effective and efficient. He accommodates our concerns and takes great care of our interests."

陈向勇 律师在市场上保持一个突出的地位, 一位消息人士说他“在保赔协会圈子里是真的备受认可和具有影响力。” 他在诉讼和仲裁方面经验丰富, 代表船东、造船厂和保赔协会处理各种纠纷。根据一位印象深刻的客户的说法: “他处理问题的方式确实有效和高效。他解决我们的顾虑, 并十分关切我们的利益。”