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VMP Vlasova Mikhel & Partners provides legal assistance at all stages of the dispute resolution process, which includes pre-trial negotiations as well as enforcementof judgments  and arbitral awards.  

We have a «full-service» dispute resolution practice that may be helpful with:

  • Developing a litigation strategy.
  • Assessing judicial perspectives of the case.
  • Collection of necessary evidence.
  • Preparing statements of claim, statements of appeal, motions and other process documents.
  • Representing clients in court hearings.
  • Assistance in enforcement of judgments against foreign residents.

Our arbitration practice covers all aspects of arbitration proceedings, including:

  • Legal advice on drafting arbitration agreements / clauses.
  • Legal advice on the issues of conflict of laws /international private law and establishment of the applicable law.
  • Representing clients in any arbitration proceedings regardless of the place, jurisdiction or competent dispute settlement body.
  • Litigation in state courts seeking to grant a stay / suspend arbitration proceedings, receipt of summons / injunctions during arbitration proceedings.
  • Assistance in recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, judgments of foreign courts or objections to their competence.

We successfully represent clients in both state and arbitration courts in the Republic of Belarus and abroad on a wide range of issues.


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