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Risk Advisory is a global provider of political risk consulting, with particular expertise in high-risk, high-reward markets. We advise on how to navigate geographies where the lines between politics, public and private markets are blurred. Our assignments cover strategic and operational issues - we consequently work both directly for boards and management teams. 

Our reports take the form of bespoke advisory assessments and vary significantly in scope and sector. Some core tenets include: 

  • Political stability: Analyse key shifts in local government and party politics alongside clear assessments of projected impact on political stability. 

  • Political exposure: Evaluate the risk of commercial disruption posed by internal or competitor political exposure.  

  • Regional risk: Assess geopolitical risk and analyse the deferred risk to a particular project or process.

  • Regulatory risk: Examine the viability of operating effectively and in compliance with international regulation within a domestic regulatory framework.

  • Stakeholder mapping: Assess the dynamics within key institutions and provide a nuanced understanding of the relevant political relationships.  

Our regional teams are staffed by country specialists who are trained in identifying and contextualising complex information. We deliberately recruit people with valuable experience working on-the-ground in their countries of focus. This gives us the regional context, political access and strategic insight to best advise our clients.