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Ohio Natural Resources & Environment
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The Environmental attorneys at Roetzel are experienced in providing counsel to clients regarding all aspects of Environmental Law. They can address the vast array of environmental laws and issues that impact the daily operations of businesses and public entities - from large corporations and small businesses to local governments and individuals.

The team has relationships with local, state, and federal regulatory and enforcement agencies. They represent clients in administrative, civil, and criminal environmental enforcement matters, permitting proceedings, regulatory negotiations, and rulemaking matters. They practice in many state and federal courts, and we handle a wide variety of matters before agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Ohio EPA, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the Ohio Department of Health.

The Environmental Law team consists of attorneys who have practiced almost exclusively in the environmental law area for their entire careers, both as private sector practitioners and as lawyers with the environmental regulatory agencies. The group includes two attorneys formerly with the Environmental Enforcement Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

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Natural Resources & Environment - Ohio
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What the team is known for

Roetzel & Andress, LPA is a well thought-of practice representing clients from a range of industries including petroleum and manufacturing. Possesses expertise in civil and criminal environmental enforcement actions, regulatory negotiations and permitting matters, and maintains a fine reputation for its representation of clients before various environmental agencies including EPA. Represents a particularly good choice of counsel for matters pertaining to the CAA.

Notable practitioners

Terrence Finn is a well-regarded environmental lawyer with notable expertise in transactional and remediation work. His clients include both public and private sector bodies.
"Terrence is friendly, diligent and intelligent." "A very good environment lawyer."

Shane Farolino offers a comprehensive practice, with experience spanning environmental litigation, cleanups, permitting and compliance.
"A super lawyer." "Shane is the most competent environmental lawyer we have worked with."

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Natural Resources & Environment

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Shane A Farolino
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Terrence Finn
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