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Questor Consulting (QC) is an independent corporate, financial and litigation communications consultancy founded in 2013 to provide clients with a real alternative to traditional firms. The firm’s largest and fastest growing practice is in the area of litigation support.

As an independent firm, QC is not subject to conflicts. As a result, QC is one of the most active PR consultancies in the litigation support space and the most active in representing large group actions and providing litigation support from the book building stage, generating media coverage and support across the media that matters, through to the trial itself.

The firm has launched and managed some of the highest profile group action cases in the UK and cross border UK/US, such as with the Lloyds/HBOS litigation and the UK’s consumer legal action against VW over dieselgate. As well as large group legal actions including securities class actions, QC also supports litigation involving consumers, single parties and corporates.

The team also works closely with digital marketing experts and goes beyond traditional PR as more information and news is consumed online and via social media. Questor helps their clients’ to optimise their digital footprint and ensure that their message stays relevant.

The advice is strategic, the work is carried out efficiently and sensitively and the results generated make a real difference to their clients.