PR & Communications Department


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Led by a qualified barrister and solicitor, Portland’s Disputes team provides strategic communications advice to help reinforce your legal strategy. We ensure that every aspect of your client’s concerns are managed, and every potential advantage explored.

Our distinct team has specialist training, skills and experience. Our work extends beyond the courtroom to encompass complex public and political considerations.

For fifteen years, and across multiple jurisdictions, countries and languages, Portland’s litigation consultants have applied their problem-solving abilities to provide bespoke communications solutions to legal issues.

We understand the realities of the modern media and digital landscape, the rigours of the law and the need to deliver results.

Case studies

A sample of Portland Disputes’ recent work with leading London and global law firms includes:

Litigation communications: Managed the reputation and media profile of a private equity firm during a high-profile, multi-billion-pound litigation against a large investment bank.

Arbitration communications: Developed a strategy to mitigate risk and prepare an organisation for any potential fallout in the event of a news leak surrounding a high-value arbitration procedure.

Class action: Launched the largest representative action against a tech company in the UK, alongside a leading London law firm.