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Although Pinheiro Neto Advogados had always been involved in matters related to zoning and the Brazilian Forestry Code, our environmental practice was consolidated in the mid-1980’s through the public civil action brought by the Environmental Curatorship Department (currently, Environmental Protection Office) against industries of the petrochemical hub in Cubatão, State of São Paulo.

Our firm has since then been active in the advisory and litigation areas (administrative proceedings before control and inspection bodies; civil and criminal suits; and civil and criminal investigations) and in environmental due diligence investigations.

Our experience has continued to grow over the years in the assessment of environmental liabilities arising from soil and water contamination. The firm has pioneered in the interface between the public sector and the private sector in pursuing solutions to huge environmental liabilities, with a long history of settlements and terms of agreement (TAC) entered into between the parties. In addition to environmental licensing, which arouses numerous legal controversies, the legal treatment afforded to atmospheric emissions generated by fixed and mobile sources is another area of expertise of the firm’s environmental lawyers.

We also excel in environmental due diligence investigations, which have a key role in acquisitions of equity interests; joint ventures; mineral, oil and gas exploration; project financing; among others.