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Capital Markets Department

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Pinheiro Guimarães provides legal advice in initial and secondary public offerings (IPO and Follow On) of shares and shares certificates (units, GDSs and BDRs), debt securities (debentures, bonds and commercial papers) and other securities in the Brazilian and international capital markets. 

It also assists clients in carrying out filings and cancellation of public company registrations; securities listing and delisting proceedings; administrative proceedings and consultations with the CVM and BM&FBovespa; investments in the Brazilian capital and financial markets by local and foreign investors; public offers of certificates of real estate receivables (CRIs) and agribusiness receivables (CRAs); and stock option plans, advising foreign clients in the structuring and implementation of stock option plans for local Brazilian employees.

Pinheiro Guimarães is also actively involved in structuring and setting up investment funds, including hedge funds and structured funds, such as private equity funds (FIPs) and credit rights investment funds (FIDCs), and in structuring derivatives transactions (including hedge transactions involving swaps, futures and options in connection with foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities indexes and prices).

Pinheiro Guimarães also advises clients in connection with compliance matters and trading rules, filings and reporting requirements, as well as administrative and disciplinary procedures before the CVM and BM&FBovespa.


Lardosa, Bruno (Head of Department)

Pinheiro Guimarães, Francisco José (Head of Department)

Pinheiro Guimarães, Plinio (Head of Department)

Alonso, Carolina

Barretto Vasconcellos, Pedro

Moura Alves, Ivie

Ohno, Camila

Pessôa, Paula

Tomiyama, Cristina

Yanitchkis Couto, Fábio


Banco Votorantim (Brazil)

BR Malls (Brazil)

Bradesco BBI (Brazil)

Brookfield (Canada/Brazil)

BTG Pactual (Brazil)

Citibank (USA/Brazil)

Enel (Italy)

Itaú BBA (Brazil)

Organizações Globo (Brazil)

Rede D'Or (Brazil)

Vale S.A. (Brazil)

XP Investimentos (Brazil)




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