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The firm’s White Collar Defense practice includes criminal trial lawyers with government experience as prosecutors, public defenders, and independent counsel. We are known for our skills in the courtroom and have tried literally hundreds of criminal trials before juries in jurisdictions around the country. It is with the benefit of this experience that our White Collar Defense lawyers advise and represent both corporate and individual clients at every stage of criminal litigation, including the initial investigation and grand jury process, trial, sentencing, and appeal. Our clients often face the complicated challenges presented by matters involving questions of both U.S. and international criminal law and simultaneous action by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other government agencies. These matters can also include parallel criminal and civil litigation. Our White Collar Defense lawyers bring their wealth of governmental and private criminal litigation experience and creative, effective problem solving skills to assist clients in making the crucial strategic and tactical decisions necessary to navigate the complex and dangerous governmental enforcement environment.


Atkinson, Kathryn Cameron

Barry, William P.

Behre, Kirby D.

Bensfield, James A.

Briggerman, Lauren E.

Davis, John E.

Downing, Kevin M.

Herman, Andrew D.

Lankford, Nate

Matta, Lamia R.

Moyer, Jr., Homer E.

O'Toole, Timothy P.

Pollack, Barry J.

Pugh, Preston L.

Reinhard, Matthew T.

Rochon, Mark J

Satin, Michael J.

Schmitt, Addy R.

Soller, Mary Lou

Tillen, James G.

Wise, Andrew T.

Zehnle, Thomas E.