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Machado Meyer advises clients with a strategic approach that takes into account the impact of different regulations on routine business. Our focus is to find solutions that help companies modernize, become more competitive, and overcome legal complexity.

The legal advice provided by Machado Meyer also takes into account trends, positioning, and form of operation of officials of the Ministry of Labor, the Public Prosecutor's Office for Labor Affairs, and trade unions, so that our clients may have a comprehensive and updated view on all aspects of the particular situation and thus have the elements necessary for decision making.

We maintain a significant presence in crisis prevention and management, in cases involving regulatory inspections, investigations of employees and executives in various contexts, as well as layoffs.

Always aiming at presenting solutions and alternatives for resolution of conflicts with the least possible impact on the business of our clients, our services include:

Risk assessment involved in each particular situation.

Advice on negotiations and litigation.

Guidance or participation in crisis committees.

To deliver perfectly adapted solutions to our clients, our team of professionals interacts with the firm’s other legal practice areas, in particular, corporate, tax, regulatory, compliance, and litigation.