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Our specialist Agricultural & Landed Estates Team recognise the need to run farms and estates as businesses, without losing sight of the fact that many are also homes; commercial objectives have to be balanced against protecting a way of life and local reputation.

We also appreciate that transactions involving agricultural or estate property often have special complications or considerations. We can offer advice and expertise on the following:

  • Sales and purchases of farms, agricultural land and rural businesses
  • Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and Farm Business Tenancies
  • Assured shorthold tenancies, business tenancies and grazing licenses
  • Problem tenants and rent recovery
  • Property Disputes
  • Sporting or fishing rights
  • Ancient common and/or manorial rights
  • Mines and minerals
  • Renewable energy projects including wind, UV and solar panels, anaerobic digestion and hydro
  • Shooting rights and shotgun licenses
  • Public and private rights of way
  • Boundaries and registration of land
  • Succession and inheritance tax planning
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Employment and family law issues
  • Advice to Family Businesses

The advantage of offering agriculture and estate property services within a commercial firm is that we can also help you exploit the estate's commercial potential as the pressure to diversify continues, for example, with merchandising and licensing.  Furthermore, we can offer advice on income-generating projects, such as setting up wind/solar farms and caravan parks, or developing an e-commerce offering.


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