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Locke Lord’s Public Finance Practice Group, comprised of over 30 attorneys and other professionals specializing exclusively in public finance matters, is a nationally recognized public finance practice and the highest volume bond counsel practice in New England. Our reputation as the leading New England bond counsel firm has grown from over a century of involvement in the law of public borrowing and the federal tax aspects of public debt obligations. We are continually ranked among the top bond counsel firms nationally.

As an example of Locke Lord’s innovative public finance practice, in March 2017, we served as bond counsel to Cambridge, MA, as the city raised $2 million through a sale of community-sourced minibonds, which may further a trend in the $3.8 trillion municipal bond marketplace. Minibonds, which are sold in smaller denominations, tend to be more accessible than traditional municipal bonds for potential investors. The team was led by Walter St. Onge and Claudia Matzko.