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Corporate/Commercial: East Coast (PRC Firms) Department

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What the team is known for Highly reputed nationwide powerhouse with sizeable bench on the East Coast, having further strengthened its presence in Guangdong and elsewhere, such as Zhejiang. Regularly advises large SOEs and private companies on a full range of corporate matters, such as capital markets issuances, M&A, restructurings, and bankruptcies. Offers expertise on a diversity of dispute resolution mandates, including in finance, patents and trade marks. Remains a go-to choice for financial institution clients on a full spectrum of corporate and commercial transactions. Maintains a standout offering in IPOs for both regional and national clients. Also noteworthy for its depth of experience on cross-border and multi-jurisdictional matters.

Strengths One client characterises the practice as"professional, responsive and efficient; they are very good, very efficient in their work and provide good and practical advice."

Another client highlights the firm's efficient cross-border capabilities, saying: "What we appreciated most is the KWM offices’ ability to work seamlessly together as a whole. Throughout the entire deal process, we had only needed to deal with the same lawyers as our point of contact, while knowing that there is a bigger team working behind the scene, and they also kept us duly alerted of subsequent announcements and major corporate changes as well as our rights and duties."

Work highlights Assisted Evergrande Real Estate Group in issuing three rounds of corporate bonds, totalling CNY35.5 billion, on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Notable practitioners

业务优势 该声誉卓著的全国性强所, 在东部沿海拥有规模庞大的团队阵容,并进一步加强了其在广东和浙江等其他地区的实力。经常为大型国有企业和私营企业处理资本市场发行、并购、重组、破产等全面的公司法律事务。为金融、专利和商标等广泛的争议解决事务提供专业能力。在各类公司和商务交易中,仍是金融机构客户的首选。保持出众的IPO业务,为区域和全国客户代理。其对跨境和跨法域业务的深入经验同样值得关注。

团队强项 一位客户评论该团队“专业、响应及时和高效率; 他们非常出色,在工作中效率很高,提供高水平和切实可行的法律意见。”

另一位客户突出强调该所高效的跨境业务能力,说: “我们最欣赏金杜的一点是他们作为团队无缝合作的能力。在处理交易的整个过程中,我们只需和同一位律师对接,也知道同时在幕后有一支更大的团队在工作,他们也一直及时提醒我们后续的公告、公司重大变化和我们的权利及义务。”

业务亮点 协助恒大地产在上海证券交易所和深圳证券交易所发行了三轮公司债券,总额355亿元人民币。


Wang Lixin
maintains a market-leading practice in securities issuances and finance law, working out of the Guangzhou office. "What I appreciate most about Wang Lixin is his knowledge of doing business and his pragmatism," remarks one client.

律师保持在证券发行和金融法律领域市场领先的业务,在广州分所办公。一位客户称赞道: “我最欣赏王律师的是他的商业运作知识和务实作风。”

Li Ping
specialises in corporate and financial law mandates, and is a favourite choice of legal counsel for both private and state-owned enterprises. "She is a lawyer with very deep experience and seniority," according to one source.

律师专精于公司和金融法律事务,是私营和国有企业法律顾问的首要人选。一位市场评论者表扬道: “她是一位经验和资历都非常深厚的律师。”

Zhou Rui
is an accomplished capital markets specialist operating out of the firm's Shenzhen office. She is regularly mandated to handle both domestic and overseas initial public offerings, and is also noted for her knowledge of mergers and acquisitions.


Zhang Ruji
worked at the firm's Chengdu office before relocating to strengthen the firm's offering in Jinan. He is a corporate and financial law specialist who handles foreign direct investment as well as securities and general corporate matters.


Feng Xiaopeng
is a Guangzhou-based international trade compliance specialist who brings with him professional experience as a customs agent. One impressed market source remarks that "he understands practice as well as theory very well."


Tao Zhangqi
is a well-regarded real estate law practitioner based in the Shenzhen office. Besides real estate, he is also well versed in a variety of transactional legal areas, including corporate/M&A and infrastructure development.


Ren Zhanjiang
is an experienced commercial dispute resolution specialist with noteworthy expertise in the construction and financial services sectors. "He is very young, and his team's work is very good," remarks one complimentary market source.