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What the team is known for

Formidable market leader, advising on the full gamut of banking and aviation finance matters. Offers extensive experience handling high-stakes structured finance, acquisition finance, project finance and syndicated loans. Enviable client list includes a number of policy banks, commercial banks, development banks and investment banks. Remains a popular choice for aviation finance matters, thanks to its wealth of experience representing a host of financial leasing companies and airlines. Utilises its global network to assist Chinese banks with cross-border transactions and foreign banks with local incorporation and issues involving the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.


One impressed client explains: "They are very familiar with international market practice and because of their keen sense of business priorities, we usually work very well together in negotiations."

"They are a leading aircraft leasing firm," confirms another client.

Work highlights

Mandated by China Minsheng Banking Corporation to negotiate a USD200 million term loan to finance the construction of an iron and steel plant in Indonesia.

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受中国民生银行委托参与协商发放2亿美元的定期贷款, 以资助在印度尼西亚建设一家钢铁厂。


Ma Feng is a highly experienced practitioner who specialises in aviation finance. "I feel that he is very dedicated," remarks one appreciative client, going on to add: "He promptly responds to our requests, and his judgements are very pertinent."

马峰 是一位非常有经验的律师并在航空金融领域见长。“我感觉他非常敬业,”一位对他赞赏有加的客户谈到,并继续补充:“他可以及时答复我们的请求,他的判断都非常精准。”

Interviewees confirm Jack Wang 's reputation as a "very experienced" and highly regarded finance specialist with noteworthy expertise in cross-border project finance and acquisition finance mandates. "I would certainly recommend him," confirms a source,going on to describe him as "one of the most senior lawyers at the table."

受访者们认同 王军 律师拥有作为一个“经验丰富” 和备受尊崇的金融专家的口碑,并在跨境项目融资和收购融资业务上有值得关注的专长。“我当然会推荐他,”一位市场人士肯定道,并进一步描述他为“市面上最资深的律师之一。”

Chen Jie is a senior associate in the firm's Beijing office who is gaining recognition for her aviation finance and leasing expertise. Impressed peers note that she is "focused on aviation" and "a very capable lawyer."

陈洁 律师是该所北京办公室的一位高级律师, 并由于她在航空金融和租赁领域的专长而逐渐受到认可。对她印象深刻的同行认为她“专注于航空金融领域”并且是“一位非常有能力的律师。”

Wang Ling is the managing partner of King & Wood Mallesons and maintains her reputation as a leading banking and finance practitioner. "She has done a lot of good work and has an extensive track record," remarks one impressed source, while another interviewee agrees: "She is a pre-eminent lawyer."

王玲 是金杜律师事务所的管理合伙人, 并维持了作为银行金融领域领军律师的声誉。“她做了很多好的工作并且业绩广泛,”一位印象深刻的市场人士评价道,同时另一位受访者表示赞同:“她是一位杰出的律师。”

New entry to the rankings Wang Ning is an aviation finance specialist who typically represents aircraft leasing firms. "He is very experienced," one impressed client observes, adding: "He is also very flexible, commercial and able to satisfy our requirements."

新进入榜单的 王宁 律师是一位航空金融专家, 通常代表飞机租赁公司。“他很有经验,”一位对他表示欣赏的客户注意到,并补充说道:“同时他非常灵活,具有商业头脑并且能够满足我们的需求。”

Stanley Zhou co-leads the firm's banking and finance team and receives extensive praise from market sources for his acquisition finance expertise. One interviewee reports that "he takes a leading role" in mandates, with another source confirming: "He is strong in this area."

周昕 律师共同领导该所银行和融资团队, 并因他在收购融资方面的专长而受到了市场消息人士的广泛赞誉。一位受访者表示在业务委托中“他担任领头角色,”同时另一位市场评论人证实道:“他在这一领域中实力很强。”

Lv Yinghao is a rising figure in the market with impressive expertise in acquisition and project finance. One source describes him as "strong on international financing projects," with another satisfied client adding: "He is good at grasping our needs and demonstrating flexibility."

吕膺昊 律师是在市场上一位冉冉升起的律师, 并在收购和项目融资上具有突出的专长。一位受访者形容他“在国际融资项目上实力很强,”同时另一位满意的客户补充道:“他善于抓住我们的需求所在并且展现出灵活性。”

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.


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