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UK Art and Cultural Property Law
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The art market functions at a global level. But while record prices for quality art grab headlines, forgery, deceit, and the plunder and theft of cultural heritage in crisis-torn regions have reached unprecedented levels, creating traps not only for the unwary amateur but also for sophisticated collectors and major international institutions.

Wherever art is created, acquired, sold, consigned, auctioned, loaned, insured, exhibited, exported, imported, or misappropriated, it is subject to a maze of international conventions and differing national laws, regulations and practices. These cover a diverse range: contract, property, tort, intellectual property, trade, customs, tax and inheritance law, as well as the rules on conflicts of laws, governing and controlling the activities of artists, publishers, dealers, galleries, auctioneers, financiers, insurers, private and public collectors, and major museums worldwide.

The strength and depth of Hunters’ art practice is widely recognised. Our team has specialist art market expertise, providing effective and discrete advice in preserving and protecting the reputation of our clients and the art works with which they are concerned. We regularly advise individuals, galleries and members of the art trade on all aspects of managing personal collections and business interests.

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Art and Cultural Property Law - UK
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Hunters "are very good. They are efficient and they answer pretty quickly," says a source.

Hunters is well known for working with artists, dealers, collectors and institutions on contentious and non-contentious matters. The firm's mandates range from the purchase and sale of art to ownership and restitution matters. "They are a very, very nice firm to work with, and you get good value advice from Hunters," observes a commentator.

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