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The real estate law involves a broad spectrum of transactions: typical real estate transactions (such as buy and sell, barter, donation and lease), more complex businesses (such as built-to-suit leases, sale and leaseback, turn-key transactions, constitution of surface rights), structuring of atypical real estate developments, real estate-backed financial transactions, among others.

Huck Otranto Camargo is recognized for its broad experience in the industry and for its pioneering spirit and constant updating in developing new ways of undertaking real estate and structuring atypical businesses. Its performance involves both urban and rural real estate, with extensive knowledge of the various alternatives available for exploitation, and creativity to suggest new possibilities of exploration. It performs audits, analysis of urban aspects, business structuring, negotiation and drafting of contracts and real estate regularization.

The real estate area is made up of a team with exclusive dedication, which acts in a personalized manner and coordinates with other areas of the firm (especially with the tax and corporate areas), seeking to provide the client, for each investment or venture, with the most complete, most suitable, most efficient and least costly instrument while remaining safe.


Almeida Rodrigues, Alexia

Duarte Henriques Pinto, Thalita

Lemos Monteiro Soares de Camargo, Estela Maria

Monteiro Whately, Thomaz Henrique

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