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Agribusiness has significant importance in the Brazilian economy and relevant participation in the formation of GDP. Local agricultural industrial production has reached a significant position on the world stage and has the potential to meet, in a sustainable and balanced fashion, the growing demand for food. 

Huck Otranto Camargo has consolidated expertise in the agribusiness sector, having worked for family companies and multinational groups alike. The law firm assists clients in negotiating the purchase and sale and exploitation of rural properties, as well as in structuring operations and conducting tax, successions and property planning.

The law firm has a multidisciplinary team trained to provide comprehensive legal advice in all operations of this economic sector: purchase and sale of equity interests and/or assets, associations, joint ventures, mergers and spin off of companies, structured operations, constitution of rural collaterals, constitution of surface rights, rural partnerships and leases, among others.


Billi Falcão, Diego

de Medeiros Redi, Maria Fernanda

Dias Ferraz Paixão, Otávio

Duarte Henriques Pinto, Thalita

Haddad, Luis Gustavo

Krepel, João Paulo

Lemos Monteiro Soares de Camargo, Estela Maria

Naomi Murayama, Mônica

Oliveira Lima, Eduardo

Salis Guazelli, Amanda

Vinicius Pereira Lucas, Marcus

Vitor Paula Santos Zampieri, Paulo