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What the team is known for Compact Guangdong-based team with a well-rounded offering. Advises domestic clients, such as shipowners and small and medium-sized enterprises, on cargo losses, pollution and collision matters. Also offers advice on ship arrest, ship administration and auction issues arising from admiralty disputes. Familiar with handling maritime disputes for an array of clients in the public and private sectors.

Notable practitioners

业务优势 该驻广东的精干团队有着全面的业务。为国内客户, 如船东和中小企, 就货物损失、污染和碰撞事宜提供建议。同时也就由海事诉讼引起的船舶扣押、船舶管理和拍卖问题提供建议。熟悉为许多公共和私营领域的客户处理海上纠纷。


Sources are in agreement that Xu Guangyu retains his reputation as a top-tier shipping lawyer. He offers a skilful handling of marine pollution cases and also acts on disputes related to collisions, bills of lading and salvage.

市场人士一致认为 许光玉 律师仍保有他作为顶尖海事律师的声誉。他在处理海洋污染案件技术纯熟, 并处理与碰撞、提货单和打捞有关的纠纷。